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Back in September of this year I was looking on the internet for a particular piece of glassware. Unfortunately the prices I came across was really expensive.

It's not that couldn't afford it but was just crazy to pay such inflated prices for something I know is not worth that amount of money, at least to me. So I kept searching and found something really nice on DHgate for a really reasonable price. I figured for the price that was being advertised I could afford to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive to the US. I did not spend a lot of time looking at reviews before I made this purchase so I signed up to Dhgate and ordered the piece.

Well as expected the ordering and the taking of my hard earned money went well but that is where the trouble began. I ordered the piece on 9/27 and their system said that it would be shipping in five days. Well five days passed and their system said it was shipped and provided me a tracking number . So as this point I'm thinking "cool" I guess it's on its way.

Well let's hold on a minute shall we. When I tried to look up the package via the tracking number it could not find anything. So like most folks I have a job so I gave it a few days. Well after about two weeks I tried the tracking information and again I got the same result.

Now I'm starting to wonder what is going on. So I sent a message to the seller , waited a few days, and sent another, waited a few days and sent another. I could not get back a single response from this seller. So now I started a online chat session with a DHgate person.

Man, talked about "canned robotic " responses. I told them what was going on and of course they told me to don't worry we will contact the seller to see what's going on etc,etc. Now about three good weeks have passed and I have not heard from the seller and I contacted DHGate again. Now they told me I could start the dispute process if I wanted.

So I started that process with them but here lies the problem. This process would allow the seller 7-10 more business days just to respond to the dispute before Dhgate would consider doing something on their side. Just so you know it's like the last week in Oct and the seller refused my dispute and finally answered one on my numerous messages. Get this , he told me that oh I'm sorry for not responding to you as I have been traveling for work in china.

I'm like ok, but you had enough time back in September to log into to their system and provide a bogus tracking number -hmm. So I tried to ask him - so what's up with my package. He didn't even send the package in the first place and still trying to refuse my dispute to get my funds back. I'm like what the *** ?

, are these people serious. now even with that said I tried to work with the guy and just say ok whatever man , send me package perhaps expedite and we will forget about it. Well that did not happen and it just turned into a mess. Anyway after much dealing with Dhgate and their processes that seem to favor the seller instead of the buyer I finally got my money back in November.

I'm just glad I did not spend a whole lot of money as I was about to write it off as a loss. In short it seems to me that Dhgate caters to these rogue sellers that in my opinion are going to screw it up for them in the long run. It's sad as I will probably never buy from them again even though they have access to some nice products both knockoff aka "fake" and perhaps somewhat legit to some degree at good prices. But dealing with all of the Tomfoolery and Shenanigans with the seller and dhgate is not worth the savings in money and the time spent dealing with this ***.

Now I have bought tons of stuff from E**y from a chinese seller and never had an issue but obviously this is a garage band quality e-commerce site and the community they deal with. Like anything else I'm sure there have been folks who have successfully purchased from Dhgate, and I'm not hear to say don't buy from them. But what I am saying is to be careful and think about the purchase and what it means to you before going down that rat hole.

I will close with a line from one of my favorite movies Casino. when the banker told Nicky Santoro ( Joe Pesci ) that he couldn't give him his money back - " Hey Nicky - sometimes you have to be prepared to take a loss"

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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