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I made an order for a Samsung Tab through your online shopping platform first week in April 2015 fully paid with DHL shipment (order No. 15733538595). Tab was shipped 15th April 2015 and received last week of April. I fully charged and used the Tab for one week after which it would not switch on again and neither would receive charging again. Every effort failed and I contacted the DH Gates online chat platform where I was given the name of the supplier as youis_o. I contacted this supplier through the DH Gates messages platform on 23rd May 2015 expressing my complaints. He said I should send the Tab back for necessary repairs but I have to be responsible for the payment of DHL freight both to and from China. I insisted this was impossible and that he should have guaranteed the quality of his products before shipping overseas. After several weeks of argument when I couldn't succeed with him I went back to the DH Gate online chat platform to complain and after their intervention, he agreed I should pay the freight to China and he will pay the freight back to Nigeria. So far so good. He then gave me his detailed contacts and I sent the Tab by EMS Speedpost on 13th July 2015 with Tracking No. EE322103889NG. The supplier was duly informed of the shipment and details given to him. Tracking No. confirmed parcel received on 25th July 2015 and since then no word from the supplier, would not reply any of my several messages would not pick my calls to date. This looks more like a scam supplier to me as I have had previous transactions with DH Gates and fully satisfied. I paid almost $400.00 for this item and had to pay additional shipment to China. This is very painful and I must recover my Tab back by any means


Mr. Basil Manthe


Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Hello Basil!

I can only imagine how inconvenient this has been for you. I am a customer too and I do have the commitment that all concerns of my customers will be properly handled.

We checked your order here and this has already been closed and there were no disputes opened. In this case, we are not able to open a dispute for your order as this is already beyond our After-Sale Policy.

We suggest that you send a message to the seller and negotiate on a resolution. If they agree on a refund, please ask him to leave a message for you saying 'I agree to refund you $***', and then you can contact us again and we will arrange the refund for you.If they don’t agree to refund you we cannot operate for you too.

Here's how you can contact the seller:

1) Click "My DHgate " on the upper right corner of the page.

2) Click "Archived Orders” at the left side of the page. 3) Find the order number.

4) Click the link “Message Seller" at the right side of the order. Riane DHgate

to Dhgate2014 #1058765

Hi Riane,

Thanks for your prompt response to my complaint. I have tried to link with the supplier following your instructions but I always got stuck after Archived Order.

I tried several times but not through. I tried calling the supplier today and got no meaningful reply as I heard some ladies laughing and then hung up. I think DH Gate needs to do more in matters like these to at least facilitate communication between supplier and buyer before they become real problems. Remember DH Gate reputation and image is being compromised by these unfaithful suppliers.

May I ask if you can be kind enough to give me the direct e-mail of this supplier (youis_o) so I can open up a direct mail dialogue with him at least for him to confirm he received the Tab and what is he going to do with it.

I am not getting enough success with the DH Gate message platform.



to Basil #1059631

Hi Riane, No news from you also? I hope you are not tired because we are just getting stared and I hope to pursue the matter to a reasonable and logical conclusion.

First, I want to know who is in possession of the Tab now. secondly why is he keeping the Tab from 25th July to date, thirdly why is he keeping quiet about the matter despite my several messages, These are a few of the questions I would request answers for.

Please I am waiting for a reply from you s soon as possible.



to Anonymous #1060078

Hi Riane,

How are you today? I still haven't had any news.

What's happening? I know you are not one of the policy makers at DH Gate but surely you are in a position to convey a message to them. please kindly express my dissatisfaction on the way DH Gate has left me to my fate with such a dubious supplier.

Please remember that customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of every company. I am still waiting.



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