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PLEASE READ I hope I help someone else avoid the stress I endured with DHGATE!

I think it's about time I express the POOR unprofessional customer service that DH Gate often displays/offers in hopes that I will FINALLY get a resolution since it’s almost a year and they are still dragging me thru a duck duck goose chase. I ordered a wedding dress last year July for my wedding, When I received it the dress was not exactly like the picture but hey it is what it is but also the measurements were wrong, granted I gave them my exact measurements. Now when I realized the problem I contacted them immediately. They asked for proof meaning I had to take pics of me measuring myself. I did so and my measurements were in fact accurate to what I sent them so they said they we have 2 options basically, return the dress in order to receive a full refund or keep the dress and get partial refund. WTH will I do with this dress that has the wrong measurements when I’m now going to need a new dress?? So I told them I will ship you this dress back BUT my thing is who is paying for shipping. Now they reassured me that the seller will pay for the shipping this arrangement took over 7 emails back and forth with the customer service representative.

Now let me make this CLEAR one thing they do not tell you exactly is that you will NOT be receiving your funds back via the way you pay like MOST every other online seller who refunds the money to your card! So let’s get back to sending them the dress. When I got the mailing address from the seller as to where I should send it; I took the dress to the post office it cost me $81.39 to ship the dress back. I took photo copies of the mailing receipt and charges. I forward them this information so they would have it on file. So now they receive the dress and were supposed to issue me my refund. So this is what they did. They put the money for the dress back onto my bank account BUT they decided to put the $81.39 into their DHPay Account and told me I can either use it on their website to pay for something OR I can deposit the money into my bank account or western union it. Here’s the issue I have. Why when you transferred my dress money into my account you didn’t simply add the shipping money too it. Because see what they didn’t explain ALSO is that when the money is in DHPay, if you want to wire it into your bank account you HAVE to pay for the wire fee that the bank charges you so technically in ALL honest and actuality you are taking a LOST because your bank will charge you anywhere between $15-$35 for a wire fee.

So here is the next issue, I was dealing with them about my refund and everything from August 17th, 2014 to this very date March 26th, 2015. I filled out the bank wire information from October 9th, 2014 I didn’t receive any funds from them until February 11th, 2015 *Like seriously??* NOW get this $81.39 was supposed to be wired into my account. On that day ONLY $44.39 was wired I was charged a $15 wire fee which means I only received $29.39 out of $66.39 after we’ve subtracted the $15 wire fee which would make it $81.39 Today is March 26th 2015 and I am still waiting for customer service to resolve this issue. I have already spoken to over 4 persons in chat and received 3 emails about clearing it up and nothing has happened.. And I felt like after all of this *** and running around it’s about time I tell possible buyers what I incur so that they be one the look out!!

And if a DHGate Representative is viewing this my email is beyond on file since we’ve had over 60 messages total back and from emails to chat. Find it and get back to me because I want my remaining funds like LAST YEAR. You guys owe me $37 and so you all need to wire me my $37 + $15= $52 because I should not have to pay another $15 wire fee for your incompetence to wire the right amount of money! You guys are unprofessional and bunch of deceitful liars with POOR communication skills. ALL of this could of very well be avoided if you guys had just added the $81.39 to my dress money and refund me ALL the exact same time since I showed you proof that I paid with the same *** card but NO, you guys tried to mind *** people by deliberately setting it up; whereas my money went into your DHPay account in hopes that I would spend the money with your company or take a lost with a few dollars for wiring me the money to my account I will NEVER patronize your business again and I will never encourage anyone either. Just so they can avoid such headache and frustration with getting items that are either wrong size or not as described and having to suffer this antagonizing situation of getting a refund from you guys. PAY ME my money so I can rid this entire awful experience I incur with you out of my life!!! To me it’s not about the amount of money owed it is the #Principal and #Fact that I shouldn't be taken advantage of when I’m spending my $$ with your sellers to ensure I receive good items and good customer service.

Reason of review: Customer Service, Product Quality, Refund Issues, & Owed Money.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dhgate Cons: Being lied to, Customer service, Refund issues, Owed money, Run around by customer service, Deceitful tactics.

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