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I am a VIP buyer..

DHgate has now removed the option to pay for orders in $US and is forcing buyers outside of the US to pay thier internal currency conversion rates. I get better currency rates from my bank and therefore want to pay in $US. I do not want to pay in $AU...

Buyers should have the option to choose $US or local currency and not be forced by DHGate to pay DHgate currency conversion rate.

If this is not corrected or I will move my business to Alliexpress and other websites or deal with sellers direct and will raise this issue in all importers forums and will tell all Sellers I will no longer buy from them on DHgate for this reason.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Dhgate Scam
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I’m with you 100


I found a work around for this. Maybe in the long run I will get suspended but you can always a new account.

I have an American credit card and I make payments with it and ship to other country. On my card I get charge whatever DHgate wants to charge me for conversion plus what I was originally suppose to pay. On DHgate you get the normal value without conversion.

I screenshot this and send to my bank for a dispute. Always win back my money.


I no longer use DHGATE because of this issue. I use Aliexpress and would recommend everybody else do the same! Making money from their fees is not enough, they want to rip us off with currency conversion fees as well!!


I would also like the option to pay in USD and not have my transaction payment automatically converted to my local currency


I'm having the same problem. They are trying to make same extra money using phantasy rates. Disgusting.


Back to Aliexpress for me until this can be resolved


I have the same problem. I want to buy from dhgate but now it's not profitable.


Dhgate is an app to scam buyers, the app only represents the sellers who are 99.9 percent of time are scammers. They send you rocks in mail and fake dhl tracking.

How do I know? Because 5 orders I was scammed 5 times. Thankfully first 2 I got money back!

Do not try to buy any dyson products off there. All scam deals.


Still same issue



We do understand how concerning this is, rest assured that we will be here to help you. For your concern, our Technical Department in China is now fixing the payment system.

At the moment, we are encouraging our non US buyers to pay in their local currency.

Once our Technical Department in China has fixed our payment system, you will surely have the option to pay in USD or your local currency.




This issue is still not fixed!!


I literally sat with your chat people today over the outrageous currency rate I was charged and your comoany is actually trying to say my bank choose the exchange rate not your company and when I explained I was on the phone with my bank which confirmed my exchange rate was only 1.23 with the bank and they have their own personal charges they will bill me for later which wouldn't be reflected in the price your comoany would of charged as your company charged me 1.32 he said oh its a problem in their system and they are looking into it but wouldnt tell me if i would ever get a refund for your over charging...... being charge 610 bucks Canadian on a 460 US order is outrageous considering the bank quoted me 580 is what they would of charged me.

Caught your company in your lies and have the screen shots to prove it


Has this been corrected? I want to be billed in USD on my credit card. Otherwise it will be AliExpress.


Was about to order something from Canada and wanted to use my USD credit card but it seems they still force people to pay in their local currency.


Yep, same old still. Charging their ridiculous exchange.


*** lie. it's 2018 now!

you just want to make some extra money. back to aliexpress.




This message is 2 years old it is now June 2018 and there is still no option to pay in USD