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DHGate are a bunch of thieves and something needs to be done about them! I will NEVER buy from them again and I have told everyone I know not to either. A brief background to my hideous experience with them: I bought an item back in June which was never delivered. I got in touch with the seller who I advised that it had not turned up after their already ridiculous postage times (up to 30 or so days!) and whose response was nothing but abrupt and defensive. However, they said ("SAID") they would resend it and again it's never turned up. By the time the postage/waiting time arrived, they had already closed the case and refused to respond to any of my emails (of which there have been many) demanding my refund.

I've been on their case and DHGate's case for months now demanding my refund. I've told them that these people have pretty much simply stolen from me (and DHGate have pretty much allowed them to!) and I want this rectified. I have reminded them about their so-called Buyer Protection lies that they have plastered all over their website and which they are ignoring. These are my comments to DHGate on their lies for protection -

Escrow Protection, On Every OrderYour money is held safely by DHgate until you confirm successful delivery of your order. You can relax knowing your seller will not be paid until you are satisfied with your order.

My comment: If my money is held by DHGate then you should have it to return in full today as I have NEVER confirmed to the seller that I was satisfied!! YOU are therefore liable to provide me with a refund in FULL.

Easy Refund and Dispute Policy

Not 100% satisfied with your purchase? Don't worry. You have the option to submit a dispute and get up to a full refund. Because your payment is under escrow, your seller doesn't receive money until you are satisfied with your order.

My comment: I am most DEFINITELY not satisfied with my purchase as I have been STOLEN from and have NO item! I have had nothing but hassle with this order and I regret buying through DHGate!

Faster Dispute Processing and ResolutionBuyers can now open a dispute request with your seller within as few as 4 days of your order being dispatched. My Comment: Utter lies as I have been dealing with this matter for months now with no satisfactory resolution or refund.

DHgate will also more quickly and proactively mediate your discussion to bring it to a swift conclusion. My comment: This dispute has NOT been fast and it's caused a LOT of time loss and stress. Get Reimbursed for Inconveniences. We dislike delayed orders as much as you do. Receive up to US$30 in credit if your seller doesn't dispatch your order on time or provides you a wrong tracking code.

My comment: I expect to receive my refund for my purchase in FULL PLUS this credit for all the hassle and inconveniences you have caused me!

Does anybody know of their regulators at all? This needs to be made public and I need my money returned!

Reason of review: Theft lies and lack of refund.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dhgate Cons: Being lied to, Being ripped off, False tracking number, Their lies for a buyer protection, Lack of refund.

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dhgate stole images from my website and are acting fake polite, then disconnect chat after wasting my time, those criminals, never any business with chinka again and i now boycott ALL "made in chinka" products!! ALL OF THEM!