Dundalk, Maryland
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On Nov 28 I order 40 shirts for the holiday. I check with the seller they sent me an email they have them in stk and we will get them befor the holiday, DHGATE sent me an email on the 3rd of Dec, they were shipped and the world was good.I sure you all can guess what happens next, On the 4th I get a email from the seller saying he don't have 14 of the 40 and to choose something else, don't want anything else send my money back.

now Im a gold card member been dealing with them 8 years, I went to DHGATE customer service to get my money back. by the way this is done by texsing back and fourth over 1 hour later they get it..

My call gets droped and I have to start all over, At this point your done . the seller name is honest-first ,  U no what Secound     honest-first    honest-first     Thanks DHGate  the 2nd time  the told me to come back tuesday 

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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We fully understand the concern you are raising to us. We will be here to offer you the assistance you need to sort this out.

Please do provide us your order number (PO#) for your transaction so that we can have it check here on our end and be able to offer you the most efficient resolution.

Thank you so much and have a nice day!


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