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Here's what happens. You place an order, you pay for your order. You ask seller some questions about your order - they never reply. 1st alarm bell.

FINALLY you get some help through the live chat, and the seller says they will ship the order before the deadline. And they do - exactly one day before. 2nd alarm bell. They actually wait until the deadline to ship (so that THEY don't get penalised).

So you get a tracking number, and wait all those days for it to show up and guess what? THE TRACKING NUMBER IS A FAKE! 3rd alarm bell. Your order has been delivered somewhere else, and nobody will tell you where or why.

You might get your money back, but it's been unavailable to use for TWO MONTHS!!!! That's the bit that gets me - you pay for something, you think it's well spent on an order that's being processed, but actually two months later you have NOTHING. No product, no refund. And all that wasted time when you could have brought something else from another seller, THAT WASN'T A THIEVING, LYING, DISHONEST SO-CALLED "MANUFACTURER".

Shame on you DHGate. And shame on you ALI EXPRESS, because they do EXACTLY the same thing too.

There are some honest sellers, but the bad ones (eg LAOWANG should be struck off. Don't leave them trading and waiting for the next unsuspecting buyer please!


Monetary Loss: $53.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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They are the biggest liars and scam artists ever. i think you give too much credit to the site management tho...

its not just the frekin sellers, its dhgate themselves too, they are lying dishonest theives and their ceo diane *** has her head up her butt. another person mentioned a guy named michael douthat , i also spoke to that dude, and sent him 7 messages on his fb ,but he's a freakin traitor to america. he should be beat up for supporting these chinese thieves. as far as purchasing something when u look at the sellers rep/reviews ....

thats not always effective. because in my case, my seller had great reviews and i still got ripped off....

haven't received goods in 3 weeks.................. really pissed

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