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38 comments is a chinese wholesale website. Dhgate is full of counterfeited products.

Sellers may list what they want and list whatever quantity they want. Sellers can send you a totally different product and will eventually end up wining dhgate's *** dispute center.

Dhgate is slow to respond to emails. Dhgate is slow to respond to disputes. Dhgate doesn't not seem to care about any of their customers.

They will make no effort to contact you or try to resolve your issues unless you use legal threats.

Save yourself months of headaches and unanswered emails. Stay away from

You can search the internet and find many many unsatisfied customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Website.

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Dear DHGate I have emailed seller numerous times. I have even emailed DHGate.

They will not email since my counter-offer in my previous review. This is ridiculous.

How could this close 30 days later when I received dress on October 12 and returned it October 19? I will attempt again to get a resolution.


Most buyers who get in a dispute with a DHgate merchant are not allowed to rate that merchant. That explains a merchant's high approval rating scores. just handles the transaction, but the merchant is independent.


DHGATE support dishonest sellers. Dishonest sellers will take your money and give you a false tracking number.

The "live chat" customer service is part of the scam - they are expert in asking *** questions, giving nonsense answers, false promises, and fixing NOTHING. I cannot believe this dishonesty is supported by DHGate to such a huge extent.

So many people have been ripped off by this disgusting scam. Get on their Facebook page and post comments people - let others know!


DhGate is a horrible company when it comes to customer service. For example, replying to e-mails or responding to issues with the products/shipping.

Having said that, for all of you people who complain about them selling counterfeit goods, I have 1 word for you... Duhhh!

Before even considering placing an order you as the consumer should already know that they sell counterfeit goods. They do sell legitimate products, but anything brand name is counterfeit. If you complain to DhGate customer service about receiving a counterfeit item, I guarantee they are just laughing at you and mumbling the words, "*** American's." And guess what, they are right!

I can't even believe the amount of complaints in regards to counterfeit items.

That is what the website does and is why it exists. To not know that and then blindly place an order without researching first, is your own stupidity and fault.


I bought some shoes from a seller on there a few days ago. Everything was going fine.

My payment was confirmed and everything. But this morning I received an email saying my order was canceled because the seller failed to ship the item. Are you serious?

It says I'll get a refund in two days and I have contacted the seller. We shall see how this goes...


Hi Summer - you have just been scammed. They take your money, keep it and will only refund you if you make enough noise.

These sellers are DISHONEST and DHGate totally support them. I placed an order, paid, waited 4 weeks, then waited another 2 weeks before I realised I had been given a false tracking number. My order didn't even exist. I complained to the "live chat customer service" who I now realise are in on the scam.

The scam is keeping your & investing it elsewhere. It's disgusting. Dishonest sellers have no intention of shipping your order!

DHGate have a Facebook page - people need to post their comments on there too ...


I have not had a positive experience with DHGate. I was told if I was not happy with the products, I could return them.

I am currently in mediation. It is not to my favor. I have stopped payment and will return the dresses, but so far it will cost $214 to return 5 dresses to the sellers in China .

Does anyone know how to get the physical address for dhgate? i want to ship them all back to one place.


Hi Judy - "mediation" is never in the customer's favour. It is totally biased for the seller.

DHGate know how much it costs to return products, that's why they make the customer pay. And I've read so many reviews where customers HAVE returned the products and never received a refund. IT'S A SCAM! Did you know that DHGate have a Facebook page?

I suggest you post comments until they sort it out.

Otherwise it's going to be a very long wait for you ... good luck!


I shipped my dress back one week after receiving. I put tracking on it.

Come to find out, it is almost impossible to track once out of USA. I shipped back on October 19 and to date, February 1, I have not received my refund. They just say they never received. Eventually they said they would pay me half of dress but it is their policy that they don't refund shipping.

You will need to contact your seller and they will give you an address. DHGate does not help. They even closed my account while supposedly it was still in transit.

Good Luck! If your seller is Crystaluxebridal, they have been a nightmare.


Regarding order PO #: 1231188321 and after I wrote a positive feedback on your product. When I started to use al of the 6 Pcs. I found that

all of them are FAKE CAPACITY usb flash drive. They were supposed to be 32GB which actually are not and one of them is 8GB and the ot

hers between 2GB and 1GB and they were initialized from your side to appear as 32GB. This is too bad and it happened with me with 32G

B microsd order. Now what I can do when it seems that it is common in the filed of SD and USB storage when it is ordered from CHINA to

have a FAKE product. I will complain to DHGATE buyer protection since I am cheated for about 100USD. Sorry for ordering from your comp

any and you should check your product before selling them to the customers.

Order details: PO #: 1231188321 , cart item: fast delivery mini- Wholesale 32GB usb flash drive

Item code: 95451129 , Shipping method: HONGKONGPOST , total cost: 61.56USD

If you have a representative company in the USA , I can send this improper items on addition to another FAKE microSD 32GB (Order Num

ber: 1231922182 ) to the same address inside USA


I have purchased a few things off dhgate with different sellers.

My items arrived as expected...the delay in transit to me in canada is long (3weeks)but was expecting that from china.

All the sellers contacted me if I had questions.

Since pretty much everything brand name out there is made in china it makes more sense to me to buy direct than pay the high price of name band.


I definitely agree with all those buyers, I am a victim too.

I ordered three same color silk scarf from seller Sumaly, he sent me one color of what I ordered, but he decided to choose two other colors for me, I got two colors I didn't order nor wanted - two very ugly colors he couldn't sell. I asked for exchange, he refused, I asked for refund, he refused, eventually, he just not responded at all, I contacted DHgate customer support, they kept asking me to work out with the seller.

How can I work out with crook who no longer reply my emails after he got the money? DHgate only protect sellers not buyers, they don't protect customers at all, be careful!


DO BUY FROM DHGate, especially the seller: rtexport.

This is my first time deal with DHGate. I bought two faucets from a seller name "rtexport" from DHGate.

After more almost 2 months, I received two junk faucets. Faucet bodies with many deeply scratches, chrome pilling off, wrong size of compression connectors. I contacted seller many times for replacement parts under the warranty, but his answer is: "That's it because they are selling this faucet cheap, also no replacement parts can be provided.". I asked seller how can they claim to give 12 months warranty?

Seller never answer me. I contact DHGate Service, and eventually the seller agreed to send me all defective parts. I just received a very small parcel, but still missing two important replacement parts. After almost 4 months, I still have the two Junk Faucets on hand, cannot install.

But DHGate already informed me they release my money to seller even seller did not send me parts as agreed.

Buying from DHGate has no guarantee. DHGate only protect their sellers, not buyers.


DHGate is a rip off! I purchased a bridesmaid dress and the seller added an additonal $30 after I purchased it.

I refused the dress and had them send it back to China. I am now getting the run-a-round.

The seller's name was Hello 12. DH Gate doesn't protect their customer's so I strongly suggest that no one buys from this company

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