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Recently made my first transaction with DHGate. Here are my two cents to those who are weighing in on shopping with them.

In short the seller obdtoolfactory has sent me a non-working fake.

DHGate web site upload evidence feature doesn't work as expected. I had hard time uploading my evidence from day one. I tried sending evidence via chat window and the agent has accepted it but they have no ability to publish it back to the web site so it can be seen by all parties. It took me almost two weeks to get to the version of internet browser which finally took my evidence.

DHGate has ignored and neglected my evidence which undoubtedly proves seller's deception and never stood up to their promise to protect me as a customer. Instead they simply put the entire burden and risk of return on the customer. What is the point of the evidence if it doesn't make any difference may I ask?

DHGate has procrastinated my dispute resolution for almost two months. Then they suddenly gave me two days to choose from two very unreasonable options - partial refund or ship item back at customer's expense. DHGate requires customer to pay return shipping and then give them fussy promise that you will get your money back. They use all means to persuade customer to give in and accept a partial refund rather then return product and get full refund and explain how that full refund will make its way back to customer's bank account. None of the refund policies comprehensively state that. In my case the return shipment was very expensive and I wanted it back to my bank immediately instead of having it stuck with DHGate account as an in-store credit. DHGate customer service didn't respond in timely fashion to any of my numerous inquiries and had never clarified how exactly my refund will work with my credit card bank account for the return shipment. Who wants to get stuck with $200 of in-store credit with such painful first time experience?

DHGate will not let you leave feedback to seller after your dispute is closed. So sellers can walk away happily without any liability and justice and continue scamming other customers.

This was my first and last business with DHGate. I strongly discourage others from doing business with them going forward. I should have done better research back in time before shopping with DHGate. I found many dissatisfied customers complaining about their negative DHGate experience without remedy. It feels like DHGate is on the track of switch and bait tactics with their customers via virtually non-existent customer protection and misleading policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $186.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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This doesn't surprise me.

They are just fraudsters, and the people who run Dhgate are just as bad as the sellers. I have been in contact with paypal and other merchant websites. I have asked quite a few reputable people their opinions on Dhgate and sites similar to Dhgate like Alibaba. Most people say run the other way.

I also talked to a dude, who you can talk to yourselves if you like, just go to his webpage by googling him and send him an email. His name is Moses O Hara.

He worked with Dhgate on a few projects and helped them with their website in 2010 and some in 2011. According to him, CEO Diane *** was once kicked out of Korea for lying about products and saying they were authentic when they weren't. She also was apparently trying to smuggle large quantities of different things in and she did not even have proper korean visas.

He said when meeting her she seemed charming but he said it was obvious she did not care about others as she claims she does. He said just go look at Dhgate reviews and you will see what he is talking about. He said Dhgate staff run in a tight circle at the top and they do not like people who cannot speak mandarin chinese. He said since he didnt speak mandarin chinese, they treated him a lot differently and it was unfair. He said sometimes they also made unusual requests that made him uncomfortable.

So, with all that, everyone who has seen my comment should know that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a reputable company. It won't be long before Dhgate goes out of business. Then who knows, they will come back as some other dumb name, even worse than DHGATE! Hahaha This is the big leagues of fraud everybody, Do not become a victim!


They sold me a batch of completely fake 32g memory sticks, and as you said, simply allowed the seller to freely walk away with no negative feedback. At first glance the sticks looked real and authentic but after a closer look, you could peel away the sticker and find that they were easily taken apart.

Dhgate are complete frauds, I have no idea how they stay in the e-commerce buisness. Leading platform? Maybe in China but in the US Dhgate logo is associated with fraud. also my dispute process was from June 3, 2014 until October 19, 2014.

Completely and totally unreasonable. 4 months to reach a resolution and I had to, as you said , send all the sticks back at my expense.

I have made it a point to warn everyone about Dhgate. They are incredibly deceptive and their website in designed watertight in such a way to make you frustrated.