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I purchased a Guitar from D.H.GATE payed for it the same day thru PAYPAL. The guitar was supposed to be an acoustic electric nylon string guitar.

I received an acoustic guitar without the electrics installed. Even after 3 month's of emails and photo's sent, this mob of deceitful crooks, which advertise BUYER PROTECTION have done nothing but give me *** run arounds. I have learned a great lesson in all of this and $350.00 out of pocket. PLEASE, everyone out there, DO NOT purchase anything from CHINA.

That country is full of dealers like this and they treat us all like *** and do not comprehend such a word like "after sales service", I live in Australia, I since purchased an electric nylon string guitar from a dealer on ebay.

It arrived safely and was exactly what I purchased and NOT FROM CHINA. Remember the name, D.H.GATE and help rid us of these BASTARDS.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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retro-fit pickups for accoustic nylon string guitars are fairly cheap and common. maybe pursue another small purchase, to get the end product you want??


I understand if you purchase through Paypal they will assist you in obtaining a refund. They will open an investigation.

Send them photographs of the item (next time) and file a complaint (within 30 days).

Paypal assisted me and refunded me money on a fraudulent Easy purchase I made, never receiving the item.


Classical guitars are lighter braced than steel strung guitars thus allowing the classical guitar's top to vibrate with greater frequency. The lighter bracing, no truss rod in neck, and lighter bridge yields to less string tension with nylon strings.

That's why you NEVER EVER put steel strings on a classical guitar. Also, the string gauge on a classical is thicker than a steel strung guitar giving to a more mellow and bassier tone. When you strum a classical guitar the movement of the strings (vibrations) is much more evident than with a steel string guitar.

I personally like the bassier sound of a classical and the strong vibrations felt while playing. :)


A special designed pick up in the shape of a worm sits under the bridge and picks up string frequency thru vibrations. There is currently a guitar tuner available that does the same.

It clips on the head of the gutar.

I too recommend that no one buys from DH Gate. Designed to deceive.



how does an electric guitar work with nylon strings? is there a new technology out there?

every electric guitar i ever owned had steel strings so the electro magnets could pick up the vibration.

nylon is non-magnetic. just curious.

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