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Dispute orders for dhgate






Dhgate will not refund me

User's recommendation: No dhgate.

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Hi Jason, We can see here that you have successfully opened a dispute for your orders; this is good as you are on the right track in getting your issue resolved. With DHgate dispute process, we are giving the seller maximum of 5 days to respond to the dispute.

If you and the seller will not reach an agreement on the given timeframe, then we will move on to the next step in requesting for DHgate Mediation so that an analyst can step in and resolve the case the soonest time possible. Also, this order 3225636534 has been closed and the only way to get the refund is to contact the seller and have them agree to refund you on the messages.

Please make sure that the seller will state the desired amount that they are willing to refund you with. For example, statements like this: "I agree to refund with the amount of____".

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