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The best site to shop. From time to time, some "unattractive" salespeople may come and receive unsuitable or damaged items.

In this case, they are protected from fraud and the "dh gate" helps to limit damage. SHIPPING/PROCESSING - 6/10 - It took a while. Part of it was expected because it's a custom jersey, but I've seen other custom jerseys turn around faster from China. I placed my order on October 30, and it came today, November 22.

That's 23 days. Not HORRIBLE, but I have seen faster. PRICE - 10/10 - $42 for a custom NFL-quality stitched jersey is a wonderful deal, and I hadn't yet seen any reviews from this guy, so I figured that $42 was worth it being a guinea pig. PRESENTATION - 9/10 - I don't know what the official jerseys come in, but this came in a nice, sealed "NIKE" branded plastic/fabric bag.

Not perfect, and I suspect Nike does something nicer, but I was a fan. http://i.imgur.com/VhFCOLH.jpg (note: I already took the jersey out of the bag and stuffed it back in. This is going to be a gift).

QUALITY - 7.5/10 - The quality was really good. If you saw it from even a few feet away, you'd think that it's the real dea

Product or Service Mentioned: Jersey.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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