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I placed an order for an item ($106) through The item was advertised through their web site.

It looked good, so I placed the order on May 30, 2016. The next day, I got a reply from a seller in China, showing my order details and the item they are going to ship. The item was a very cheap one (probably worth $15), completely different from the one I ordered. They said it will be shipped on June 3.

Immediately, I sent my cancel order request on May 31, 2016. But I got another message from the seller asking me to reconsider and go with the order. I again repeated my stand to cancel the order and sent the message to them to cancel it. I also contacted dhgate and they promised me that they will contact the seller.

Dhgate told me that even if the seller ships the item, they have to take it back and also they have to bear all shipping charges. He also mentioned that if the item is not shipped by June 3, then it will be automatically cancelled and refunded. Now I got a message showing that the item was shipped on June 4. I contacted dhgate.

Now they are saying I can file a complaint within 7 days of shipping the item.

Please stay away from dhgate. They are a bunch of guys, started a softeware firm, just to rip off people. At least I want to make sure nobody else get hurt through dhgate.

Avoid them. Pirates in USA. These are a bunch of cheaters. Please dont get into their hands.

Dont ever give your credit card to them.

These robbers must be handed over to Law enforcement authorities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi there!

We are sorry to hear about your experience on your purchase, but we also want this to be resolved for you. Please do provide us your order number (PO#) for your transaction so that we can have it checked here on our end and we can be able to offer you the most efficient resolution.

We also highly encourage you that you send us your response directly to our Live Chat Customer Service so that you will be assisted timely and fast.

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Thank you for your review, for sure we will not make a call to this company.