Collegeville, Pennsylvania
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I ordered a Michle watch on 1/27/2015,seller set up a fake tracking number. He know states not in stock, wrong watch,I can't dispute it or get a refund,the window for this won't allow me to proceed.

The chat people or customer people say it's because it is showing shipped. I have no one to ask anymore, DHgate withdrew $168.19 3 days after I ordered and paid. I can't get open a case until it shows that is has formally shipped, this will never happen since there isn't an item to ship as the seller told me.This company is a scam, Commits fraud and allows fraud to go on. The chat people keep repeating themselves, you can only chat with a person for a few minutes if they leave the window to check something the window asks you to click to continue but I've had new chat people come on and have to explain the whole process several times.DH gate should not have withdrawn the money out of my account if there is no shipping going on.

They should have waited till the tracking number can be tracked, that didn't happen. I have no one to explain that the seller has told me twice he doesn't have my watch,I can't even understand what the heck is is trying to say except,first he said no stock, can't tell me when in stock. After that message kept saying sorry watch like. What the heck does that mean?

Do not order anything from this company as they will take your money very quick,I do have my bank in 2 weeks giving me back my money and they will dispute the charges and get the money back from them for me.

This is a horrible company don't do business with them, they lie on their web how easy it is to get a refund, not so on 1/31/2015,big lie. This was a luxury watch no category, for Jewelry/watch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $168.

Dhgate Cons: Fraud, Remove money before item shipped, No refund, Dh gate got paid, No shipping, Dh gate commits fraud, Fake tracking number, Seller makes fake tracking.

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I can only imagine how inconvenient this has been for you. I am a customer too and I do have the commitment that all concerns of my customers will be properly handled.

But first, can you please just provide us the Order Number (PO#)? That way, we can pull up the order details on our end.

To get the order(PO#) number please do the following:

[1] Login to your DHgate account.

[2] Go to "My DHgate".

[3] On the left hand portion of the screen you'll see "Orders". [4] Under Orders, click on "Active Orders" [5] It will show you a page with all the orders that are still active, look for the specific item of concern and you'll find the PO# on the left side. Once we have your PO#, we will continue in helping you with this issue.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to message us back.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, Riane Customer Service Center


dhgate have even got the cheek to reply to complaints that are on show to the public but when you have a problem they do not respond.

They are despicable fraudsters the sellers are bad but dhgate are worse.

Even the agents do not think much of the ask them next time you complain.