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I am a small business owner in Roanoke, VA & a pawn shop co- owner. I met Mr Douthat at our pawn shop when he came in to browse for a guitar. Mr Douthat convinced me to buy several items from Dhgate.com after we started discussing my business. I took his phone number 540-314-9770 and spoke to him by phone several times before deciding to order from Dhgate. I also had him video chat with me, and get a group video chat going with some of the Dhgate staff in Beijing. I had a group chat with 2 Dhgate reps & Douthat. After the group chat and having my questions/concerns answered to satisfaction, I was satisfied to go ahead and order. I ordered several cell phones, cameras & different items including several cell phone accessories. My total was over $1000 USD. Nearly 2 MONTHS & several phone calls with Douthat later, I finally received a small package that had chinese writing on it. Couldn't read it. Opened it to find 2 iPhones. They were clones. In chinese & you could not read or understand siri because it was in chinese. There was also no option to change the language! I was very upset and called Mr Douthat immediately. A chinese girl answered his phone & said he wasn't available then hung up. I called back again & got voicemail. The voicemail was a chinese guy. It said (please leaving your message and we will call you back) I did not get a call back. I called and left another message the next day. Did not get a call back. I have called more than 10 times now & haven't received any word from Douthat. From Oct 2nd 2015. I am very upset and have found several other people upset with him and Dhgate too. I just want this order to be completed, and get what I actually ordered or just return my money. I will let everyone know about this guy & his company. He is in the hands of the chinese and I don't think he cares about his fellow americans. I think he cares more about the chinese & what they think about him than he does us. Also if you search his company Dhgate, you will find literally 1000s of complaints and a few mention him.

I am having friends post this to Facebook & will post it everywhere. Please do not trust Douthat. Douthat--- Do the right thing & give me what I ordered or give me my money back! I attached a photo I found on a Ripoff.com report of Douthat. Also the picture of the package I got in chinese.


Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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BS just like the ripoff report. More to the story


Micheal would never do this. There’s more to this story


Don't believe this stuff about Michael Douthat for 1 second and anybody else shouldn't either!!! A lot of BS gets written to try and hurt people.

Michael is one of the kindest, nicest souls out there! You sir are a liar!! You NEVER placed a 1000 dollar order! You placed 2 orders.

1 one month and 1 the next month. I used to work close with Michael and I remember you were very pleased with the 1st iPhone. It was the 2nd iPhone you were upset about, because YOU didn't read the ad for it.. it said CHINESE VERSION ONLY.

YOU ordered anyway! You never ordered cameras, or anything else. What the?? Haha YOU LIE!

You Just ordered TWO cell phones. Then you got mad at Michael when you couldn't get a refund on the 2nd iPhone because your ignorance. THEN you write this hog wash about a honest man. It's like that *** ripoff report posted on google about Michael that was an ex-employee from Walmart.

Next time Dan, mr. liar, you purchase from companies, read and understand what you're ordering FIRST.

This is the truth about this matter. Dan, Feel free to reply and try to say I'm lying..

I have ALL the email records stating this is fact.

You want me to post those? ;)


Subject: PO#1581123769-Arbitration

From: Resolution Center

To: Me [rickcavagnaro@gmail.com]

Type: About dispute in DHgate

Submit Time: 2015-11-13 09:27:03

Dear Richard Cavagnaro_1443980288057, This is Sam again. We are so sorry to hear that the item you received cannot work properly.

I understand that you would like to return it for a full refund. I would like to extend my deepest apology for any inconvenience that this concern might have caused you. Please allow me to explain things for you. I have reviewed the details of this case, as well as the listing, the photos of the item, and communication between you and the seller.

After doing so, I'm afraid the item in your evidence is not sold by this seller. Because of this, we have to close the case without issuing a refund. I understand this might not have been the outcome you were hoping for, but I trust you understand our decision in this case. Thank you for your understanding and I wish you the best of luck with your future online trading.

Have a nice day! Yours sincerely, Sam DHgate Resolution Center DHgate.com From: Me 2015-11-17 03:45:03 Corolla sent a defective item, I provided more than enough evidence to the fact, and yet you ruled in favor of your seller, who is an outright liar and cheat. DHGate is complicit and corrupt as well. I will make this know throughout the internet and I can assure you of far greater losses in the future.

Taking care of your costumers is obviously not your concern. COROLLA-DISPUTE.pdf


Saw your Happy's flea market post about this guy. On their Facebook.

You said he kisses Chinese *** This guy probably literally kisses chinese butt.

w/ a Chinese girlfriend LOLOLOL Go to the police. The Roanoke county has fraud and internet crime units.


Saw your comment about this guy on Happy's Facebook. Your right he kisses Chinese ***.

Literally. Even has a Chinese girlfriend LOL I wouldn't trust him. I have heard from some people around Happy's though he sells quality products. Didn't know his name.

Just knew his face.

Go to the police. See if they can help you out.

Roanoke County I think they have a unit dedicated to internet crime and fraud. Good luck!!!

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