Boca Raton, Florida

DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP! The reviews you are reading are not just picky divas who couldn't get that exact shade of fuchsia they wanted.

In an effort to save money, (HA!), I ordered a gown for my son's wedding. The site does not permit you to order a custom color from a chart without FIRST selecting one of the standard color "swatches" on the screen. I contacted customer service "chat" to see how one is to resolve this issue and also checked the FAQ to see if the problem had been dealt with before. BOTH the FAQ's and the agent on the "chat," told me to add the notation of the custom color in the message/comment box when ordering. So, I did. Mistake.

The dress arrived in a reasonable amount of time, however, it arrived IN THE WRONG COLOR! They had completely ignored my request of color selection and delivered it in the color I had been forced to select.

I contacted the site. Futile. First, I had a "chat" with someone who tried pleading with me to forgive them and keep the dress. Then, they said they were new to the job and would get fired if I didn't agree to a partial refund. Then they wanted another way of contacting me. Mistake #2. Emails of the same ridiculous urgings just came flying in with no resolution in sight.

I filed a dispute. You have to wait some insane amount of time before you can do this, then after you do, you have to wait some more while they "investigate" the matter, all the while getting emails from someone saying that the problem was YOUR fault since your selected the color swatch!

I am trapped in a whirlpool of futility, I know this, but YOU do not have to suffer this same painful loss. DO NOT FALL PREY TO THEIR SCAM! The buyer's satisfaction guarantee means nothing! There's still time for you to save yourself……and your money!

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It is frustrating that the website doesn't allow to pay all the items at once,if you are buying from different sellers,and more frustrating that arguing about security purposes,but then ask you to pay with your bank account,witch will be more risky than the credit card,witch usually are free liability for fraudulent uses.and more than frustrating,than they didn't answer your request on a timely manner,so my opinion is that Dhgate is more concerned about the commission they got from sellers than the customers and sellers together."


Hi! We are sorry to hear about what happened.

Thank you for getting in touch and we are happy to look into this. Please send us a direct message with your order number and additional contact information so we can assist you further.

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