this crossbow is absolutely brilliant. its small and packs a punch whether using the iron shot or crystal darts..

as for the seller, good communicator with quality product. my only gripe would be the price. its about $20 per unit more, than what id like to pay for it. As for tracking and postage for this item, this parcel turned up 7 days after tracking was issued by the seller.

for an e-packet, this is incredibly fast. buy this product. its good. because of its small size, it has a tendency to make it past most countries customs and quarrantine services.

it made it passed my countries customs services. very happy customer right here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crossbow.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Dhgate Pros: Variety of product.

  • Hunting Sports
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i am the poster of this review. in hindsight, i forgot to mention for future references....

when updating this model from the lah mini 4s to the 5s, calibration of the laser sight is badly needed.

at short range darts and shot, shoot lower than where the laser points, at longer range its almost accurate, atleast on a windless day, the darts shoot true and the shot is a little under the mark.


dhgate.com is awesome for supplying what most others cant and thats affordable peace of mind.

xie xie


hey dhgate, ever thought about triple coupons for +4 star reviews?? im an articulate wordsmith and i am an avidly loyal customer of dhgate.world.

i could always do with extra coupons to get my retail enterprise stocked and off the ground. at the same time id be doing intricate reviews of all my purchases

i like you guys. for service, ease of choice, and the variety.. tho i will never be sated with any online data security because i know not even stand alone systems are safe from metaphysical hacking..

so dont take it personal when i give one star for data security

if only your stores sold and exported what others dont.. like C10H15N (andre ice cold 3000) or thc and cbd waxes/oils. i would even be interested in purchasing M.diol.M.A. in biscuit or liquid form..

anyway i look forward to your response on all my suggestions.. much kudos to you guys..