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I had very similar experience! Only I did received the product - 4 different kind of led light bulbs from 4 different sellers....

all 3 out of 4 were defected.. some bulbs came broken in a half! They were packaged... in plastic bag!

100 wat equivalent so deem that you can't read seating next to it! and this is if it is lighting up at all....I can't use any of them and DHgate resolution center told me to contact post office: may be they broke it! After few month dealing with this, I got 1 smallest order refunded... into my DHgate account...I spend close to $300 on 4 orders!

Now they sending me messages saying I have money in my DHgate pay account, so I should bye something! No Way!

Product or Service Mentioned: Light Bulb.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please provide the order number so that we can check the order details and see what we can do to resolve the problem.

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