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First off I made a copy of every communication written to and received from DHgate. This part of the review is balanced.

Items were purchased, items discovered to be defective, DHgate notified, now for the return, refund process. From now there is no balance. DHgate has the customer perform more acts then you'll ever go through with an American company. DHgate is nearly 50 years behind in customer service.

I admit to being cheep trying to buy Pill Speakers at less than a 10th of American prices. I will never shop with an over seas company again. DHgates wanted a picture of the speakers, then a video so they could hear what might be wrong. this process involves several typing burdens.

If you can't type your refund will be in jeopardy. Postal return instructions have to be exact. Once this is complete the cost of the items are returned to your credit card. DHgate says the cost of return mail will be reimbursed to you.

This is the process when you will begin your journey through ***. DHgate plays a slight of hand, to receive the mailing refund you must go through their site but DHgate tells you it's the SELLER who must make the refund. So now its GHgate LIVE CHAT. All CHAT requires typing as DHgate sends you through a litany of the same questions every time you sign in to LIVE CHAT.

I have more than 100 back and forth writings. You get a different DHgate REP. overtime you LIVE CHAT. If it takes you more than a couple of minutes to type back a response to their questions DHgate will disconnect you and the process starts all over again with a different REP who has no clue of the services you need, even if you LIVE CHAT 5 times a day.

I did, I became obsessed to get my refund for 4 solid months. It appears the REPS many times don't have access to prior communications. There's also a comprehension struggle. It appears they try and wear you down so you just give up and they get to keep the return mail refund.

I did not give up.

More hoops to jump through. DhGate says send us a screen shot of your mailing label. It doesn't look like there's so they say send us one that looks like our example. The cost of the shipping was on the return box of their speakers but their business model is so bad Dhgate does not get a copy of the shipping label from the seller.

After several screen shots of my label the label was finally accepted. Now hold on it gets worse. DHgate says if you want your money back you must open a DHgate account which is totally separate from your DHgate purchase login The ACCOUNT requires a separate login after navigating several prompts. DHgate forces you to open an ACCOUNT then they put your refund money in that ACCOUNT and charge you a FEE to have DHgate process your refund request from the account they forced you to open to return your money to you.

It gets even worse. DHgate has you navigate this entire refund system. If you make a mistake along the way you go through *** to get back to the place before the mistake was made. I gave up many times only to later reenergize and go at it on another day or later the same day.

Then they give you a vehicle choice to receive your money. Your bank account or Western Union. I chose Bank Account. I gave them the only two sets of numbers on any checking account for a private person.

The routing number and the account number. DHgate wanted a Bank commercial number that's not used for private persons. DHgate will never tell you if something goes wrong they put the burden on the customer to constantly tackle several DHgate prompts daily to find out if DHgate has a message for you. DHgate does not offer the simple courtesy to email you directly , possibly because they hope you give up on the idea of a refund and use your refund to make new DHgate purchases.

After many-many LIVE CHATS the bank process does not work so I tried to change the instructions to send the refund to Western Union. The amount of LIVE CHATS to have their records read Western Union was pure criminal abuse of the customer. Typing back and forth like you have never typed before. Now the *** you must go through with a Western Union request.

You must wait for DHgate to send you a Western Union 4 letter code and and a number. DHgate will not tell you when they send the code. DHgate leaves it up to you to go on both their sites to find out if they have gave you a code.

I complained so much they sent the Code to my private email.I finally got MY REFUND after they took my money to pay their costs to removed it from the forced account they made me enter and the costs to WESTERN UNION TO PROCESS MY REFUND. If you took the time to read this and you do business with this company…..you can end the rest of this sentence yourself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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