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I was scammed out of $173.70 Never received my product also had a difficult time Of DH gates responding back to me every time I tried to contact someone It was only by text and also they would always say they didnt understand what I was saying I show pictures and proof of the product that l purchased and also details on how they did not send me the product also had proof on how they did not cooperate with trying to solve the matter within the date of expiration time I felt that they just took my money and did not give me the productThey did not want to be honest and settle the situation I never got a person that My email address is deefutch@***.com l would like to resolve to give me my refund or mypthe product that I ordered

User's recommendation: I normally love DH gates I’ve only been having a problem with this company.

Monetary Loss: $174.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DHgate Pros: Excellent selection of goods to purchase, Good value.

DHgate Cons: No live customer service.

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Hi Zahid, We totally understand how concerning this can be , upon checking it here we noticed that the status of the order is already closed since there were no disputes opened on the given timeline. For this case, the only way to get a refund is to reach an agreement with the seller.

If you want a refund processed for this order, please make sure that the seller will state the desired amount that they are willing to refund you with. For example, statements like this: "I agree to refund with the amount of____". If you have reached the refund agreement in the communication and specified the refund amount, please contact us immediately. We would process the refund for you according to your agreement.

We can see that the seller has responded to your message asking you to contact SFInternational since that was the carrier used by the seller to ship your order. Per tracking, this was tagged delivered on November 24, 2020. Please contact again the carrier .

This is the service hotline 9533883 of SF international. You can also visit their online chat service., Just login to SFInternational tracking website


Hello Zahid, We understand how you feel for not receiving the order and we tracked the order it was showing delivered last Nov. 24, 2020 ------------2020-11-24 11:03 United States, 【United States】 Delivered.

Thank you for using SF Express.

Looking forward to serving you again It was received by Pitney Bowes Facility and was delivered to your address. And for more concerns and questions, please contact our live chat:

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