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Still haven't received my refund after several months since item returned and cancellation of order

Monetary Loss: $67.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DHgate Pros: I wish i could even think to tell of 1 pro.

DHgate Cons: Dont want to return your own money it seems.

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Hi Wende, We checked your order was already closed since there were no disputes opened within 90 days after shipment and 30 days after the order was completed. We suggest that you send a message to the seller and negotiate on a resolution.

If they agree on a refund, please ask him to leave a message for you saying 'I agree to refund you *** Once the seller agrees, send us a screenshot then you can contact us again and we will arrange the refund for you. If they don’t agree to refund, we cannot operate for you too. Here's how you can contact the seller: 1) Click "My DHgate " on the upper right corner of the page. 2) Click "My Orders” at the left side of the page.

3) Find the order number. 4) Click the link “Message Seller” at the top of the order details If you are using a mobile phone, please go to your orders and click on the envelope icon to send a message.


Ok, Now its the personal issue and not just a customer satisfaction conduct report i see. You mean to tell me that i could have been a loyal customer and for example, i could have spent thousands of dollars from a few items instead of my 67.42 that i still bust my skinny *** *** for, just to yet again see shopping companies like this treat its god damn consumers like crack cocaine addicts.

On top of that, have no sympathy of compassion after reading this from one of your loyal addicts after they have made you rich or something.. Really?? Im already a poor guy, what else does everybody want from a minority like myself? Anyways, im going to see if your idea of me talking to another one of a dhgate supplier "theives" is going to solve anything even after i have spoken to them to no avail.

Then im going to see how credible your response was to me by checking to see how many class actions you guys have, then i will discuss this issue with my colleagues at the Lawyers Bar. Farewell

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