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Their customer service is a joke. The representatives either don't understand you or don't bother reading what you write.

I received a damaged item from seller "gift_wholesale" and requested for a replacement. She agreed, but sent me parts instead. They were NOT compatible. I reminded her that she had agreed to a replacement, not parts.

She told me to use a lighter and freeze the tiny rhinestone onto the pendant because I didn't have a glue gun for the glue she provided, and that it was an "easy fix." What a ridiculous request! I have been on disability due a hand injury and am incapable of performing such meticulous work. Also, why am I going to play with a lighter? I paid for a FINISHED product, not one I had to put together myself.

I asked DHgate multiple times to step in but they kept closing my case saying I already received my replacement, which I did not. I explained countless times that the seller sent me rhinestones, not a new pendant. I messaged the seller multiple times. I called DHgate over 3 times, contacted online support over 10 times, and sent over 7 emails.

They kept saying they would contact me back within 24-48 hours. It took OVER TWO MONTHS before they contacted me back, but they only did so after I chose to dispute the transaction with my bank as a last resort. DHgate finally issued me a refund. BUT the seller has been messaging and harassing me about my bank dispute (which I had informed her I would do a month prior if she failed to issue me a refund herself).

I explained to her that I opened the dispute before receiving a refund and had already closed it. I even submitted the evidence to DHgate. But the seller still chose to call me a liar in broken English numerous times and threatened to have my account terminated so that I would never be able to purchase from DHgate again. I told her not to message me anymore or I would report her.

She continued to message me again, calling me a liar, and stated that I was making up excuses.

I reported her to DHgate for harassment, but they said there is no option to block sellers. Because I do not feel comfortable including my bank dispute, I will not upload those pictures, but here are the other pictures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pendant.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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DHgate ALWAYS responds the same way as above. They sent the same exact reply to me and i am out over $300.00, they did NOTHING to resolve the issues, they NEVER REFUND, NEVER!!! Don't be scammed like the above buyer or me, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS *** COMPANY!

Pamela Gilbert

Very true! I've read through numerous reviews and they,dhgate, always reply the same!

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