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hi look i made a small order from honesty 168 located in guandong factory i paid her for the order i recieved a message saying order was shipped after 8 days the tracking no was invalid order no 34162382 contacted dhgate said a refund is on the way honesty 168 removed and cancelled the order from the sytem i have a copy of the order and a copy of a letter from dhgate saying a refund is on the way im sure dhgate will refund they sent me a message saying a refund is on the way im just upset that honesty 168 had the power to remove the order from sytem without my knowledge thecustomer should recieved a refund first then cancell the order im sure that dhgate customer service will act and refund me dont deal with honesty 168 shes a liar and a thief and her products a re rubbish dont deasl with honesty 168 shes located in guandong fasctory dont deasl with honesty 168 she is a liar and a thief dhgate have a guarantee policy that if your order isnt shipped you weill be refunded even if your order is cancelled and removed just make sure when you order keep a print of the order and a receipt of payment that way when the robberry takes oplace your ready thanks to dhgate customer service a refund is on the way

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also a similar situation. I dealt with a seller called ''click_me'' the product was bad quality and poorly designed.

I showed the seller the photos and also showed DHgate. I was given a refund by DHgate, but unfortunately the seller had already cancelled the order, so I couldn't write a review. Prior to that, the seller kept saying, I should write a good review if I wanted them to refund me. The seller told me, I would only be refunded if I promised not to write them a bad review.

The seller was rude as well. People out there, be very wary when dealing with a seller called click_me.



I have carefully checked your account and I see that the refund for your order is now in being process to our Payment Department and will be sent to your bank account. This process may take atleast 3 working days and we will have you notified once we sent the refund already.

Also, it is best to contact your bank ahead for this so that they will be notified for the refund and we can send it to your account without any problem from your bank's end. Your cooperation and patience is highly appreciated for this.



Dhgate Customer Service