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I ordered shoes from seller airmaxplus, he said he shipped may 24 2020 . The estimated delivery said from 5 to 8 days.

I have pictures to prove it. I told him I was opening a dispute and he went and changed estimated date. I have picture proof of it all. It's been way too long.

I will not shop from dhgate again.

If I don't get my refund, I'm going on ALL social media outlets and let the world know that this place is a scam and do not order from them. I ordered from 4 different sellers on that day and have received everything except the shoes I ordered from his store

User's recommendation: Do not shop dhgate.

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

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Hi san39d, We checked your order is already in dispute. The seller is already notified regarding your complaint.

If you cannot reach an agreement with the seller after 5 days, you can request for DHgate mediation so our Resolution Center can assign an analyst to help you resolve the case. 1.Log in to your DHgate account 2.Click “My Dhgate” link found at the upper right side of the home page 3.Click “My Orders” 4.Find the order under “Dispute Orders” tab 5.Once you find the order, click “View Dispute Detail” or “Pending Seller’s Agreement” link 6.Please click “Escalate Dispute” button or “Request DHgate Mediation” to proceed.

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