I have 3 separate orders totaling to 4 separate items I have not received it’s has now been 54 days the tracking numbers are LY27445****CN.


And - LY27541****CN.

When will I be receiving my packages ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Shipping Service.

Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts

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I think they are scamming us because of the PANDEMIC. I never had problem with them before the pandemic.

I'm sorry for your loss also. Pray they refund you


Hi truestt.talk, We tracked your orders and these are still in transit to the US. You can keep tracking them here : https://t.17track.net/en#nums=LY274450736CN,LN263780590CN,LY275418856CN Your item has been sent out but due to the heavy traffic with the logistics, the tracking updates are delayed.

Since your order is still within the guaranteed delivery date, we encourage you to keep in touch with the seller to get real-time updates. Here's how you can contact the seller: 1) Click "My DHgate " on the upper right corner of the page. 2) Click "My Orders” at the left side of the page.

3) Find the order number. 4) Click the link “Message Seller” at the top of the order details If you are using a mobile phone, please go to your orders and click on the envelope icon to send a message.

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