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This is my first purchase with DH Gate... My first wholesale handbag order was "shipped" and I spent roughly 500$ bucks...

the next day, I placed another order since the handbags were so cheap... that order was cancelled after the seller account was frozen.... Fast forward... I placed 6 small wholesale orders of 10 products each- I am currently awaiting those...

I attempted to order more cheap handbags from another seller- 1st order says shipped and so I went ahead and placed a second Order last night- now the second handbag seller account is also frozen... what's going on? My orders are between 200-500$ each... DH Gate DID refund the first two purse orders promptly to my credit card...

But since this has happened a second time with another purse seller- I'm scared! I know DH Gate will refund but it really sucks when a single mom is trying to make some side money and I get screwed. I'm in the United States. I suppose I will find a handbag wholesaler here in the states through salehoo....

I will wait for a month before I make a harsh judgement on DH Gate, but seriously will not spend my hard earned money on sellers who are wasting MY time. Refund or not, I still have to pay my bills.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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