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Saw a couple things that i liked, wanted to buy them. First of all their buying process and layout is confusing.

I wanted to use my credit card, which I have used before without any problem on other sites like Ali etc. Put in my card information and it is immediately rejected. I think oh well, and try my other card, but that is not accepted then they free my account and don't allow me to pay through credit cards, only option shown is bank transfer or western union (like seriously?). I then contact them about this issue, and the safety center asks me to send them images of my card( WTF?).

I think okay I have protection on my card, I guess i could do this, and I send the card info to them. Mind you, the form they sent was a pain to fill, they wanted both front and back scans of the card displayed in the form then signed/scanned copy of that. My account was activated in a couple days (They say 24 hours to respond, but it has never been the case for me.) I go ahead and make a 3$ purchase, it goes through nice and smooth and the next day there's this other thing i want to buy, and i go ahead and proceed to purchase it and guess what, im blocked again.

I go again and mail the safety center again, in the same email thread i sent them out a few days ago, with the mail that had my authorization form and the *** from the other side tells me to send photo copy of my credit card again. What kind of idiots do they have working there?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Website.

Reason of review: Idiots working for safety center is not a comforting feeling.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Dhgate Pros: Variety of sellers.

Dhgate Cons: Blind security employees.

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Same here:The card was blocked for no reason-two weeks.At first they accused the bank with the problem.I sent them dozens of messages, and no change.Then they asked for a photocopy of the credit card on both sides!The card is valid, and I bought with it-no problems at EBAY.This is a huge fraud, they are gaining huge DATABASE of credit cards! (I DONT SEND THE photocopy )I canceled my subscription with them.


Same here, they always tell you that, they will have it resolve in 24-48hrs. But no one contact you or email back fro safetycenter.

I sent them what they ask, still no respond. Very bad.


Tried to order 60 watches on Dhgate using a visa credit card. Their form would not allow me to put the two digits in for the month expiry date and the two for the year expiry date .

Thus order would not go through . This has happened before and means I cannot order.


Same problem happened to me because I used my hasband cards too and I send them copy of my bank account why that keep happen then


Hi there!

For your concern, your payment shows that we have received your payment and at the same time, it is still under security verification.

This is a normal process for

1. All credit cards that have been used for the first time in the website.


Credit cards that do not match the account holder's name.

3. Shipping address of the account holder does not match with the billing address on the card. 4. There are some inconsistent information submitted during the payment process that did not match the credit card information.


Orders with large amount If you can provide us your order number, that would be very helpful. Riane DHgate


It was unfrozen temporarily and as soon as I made another purchase, my account is back to frozen state.

Order Number: 331650602

Re-iterating again, I have already sent the information requested by Safety center twice, still this keeps happening.

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