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I just noticed a fraudulent charge on my CC that was made by Never purchased anything from them and got this multi thousand dollar charge on my CC account.

Who are these people? I have disputed the charge and will let you know what happens. In fact I have never heard of them before they showed up on my CC transaction column.

Shocked by the amount they are trying to take. I don't want to mention the CC Company and/or the amount of the charge as I don't want to expose any information that might lead them ( to do more harm to me or anybody else.

Reason of review: Fraud.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dhgate Cons: Fraud.

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Hi RB2016_2016!

We do understand how concerning this is, we'll be here to help. Can you provide us the following information so we can have the charge traced on our system:


Last 4 digits of the credit card

2. Transaction Amount in USD

3. Transaction Date


Cardholder's Name Once we have these information, we will give you updates on this. We also encourage you to contact our live chat customer service for immediate assistance: Riane DHgate


We understand how concerning this is for you since you were charged on your account however you did not make a purchase on our website. We will help you on that.

Please contact our Customer Service via online chat through this link: and provide the details of the charge so that we can have this reported to our Safety Center for it to be traced. If this transaction really happened, our team can and will block the charges.

It's great to know that you have disputed the fraudulent transaction with your bank as well since they are the one managing your account. Normally banks will notify the cardholder once a transaction is made on the card, once the cardholder confirms the transaction, only then that your bank will send the payment to us.

You can also verify with your bank who used your card. It's also helpful that you delete the browsing history on your computer from time to time, that way the data stored in it cannot be used by someone in the event that they will borrow the device you use. We have a very strict payment verification process, this means we will need the verification of the cardholder in order for us to successfully approve the transaction.

In the event that the transaction is not verified by the cardholder, the money will be refunded and will be returned to the same card account you used to pay.