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Early this year, I placed an order with DHgate for Asics running shoes (order# 337445231). I attempted to pay with credit card but DHgate website did not accept my cc payment and offered a bank-transfer option with bank account information and a reference number.

I made a bank to bank transfer of the amount of 85 USD using WiseTrasfer and waited few days for the payment to go through. I contacted DHgate to check on the status of my order but they denied receiving the payment. I checked with my bank and WiseTransfer and received verification that the payment had already been completed and was deposited on April 4, 2017 via WORLDPAY AP LTD/Duetsche into DHgate bank account: THE HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION LTD [004], ACCOUNT# 624-000485390. I verified that the receiver bank account was correct, as provided by DHgate, that the account did belong to DHgate, and that my order number is correct.

I checked with DHgate numerous times over a period of two months, and the reply was the same that they NEVER received my payment. I reported my concern to WiseTrasfer, who in return investigated the payment’s whereabouts. WiseTransfer again affirmed that the transfer was completed and provided me with further evidences from Duetsche bank and WORLDPAY AP LTD. I submitted the new evidences to DHgate, but yet at no avail—DHgate continued denying receiving the payment, even though evidences where observed.

I tried to make sense out of DHgate denial and get some answers from them, but at no avail. At last, WiseTransfer asked me to request a copy of DHgate’ bank statement for the period from 31/3/17 to 7/4/17, with the objective that if DHgate’s claim is correct, then their bank account statement will not show the details of my payment. Yet DHgate refused to cooperate, ignored my request for copies of bank statement and insisted: “We checked all the payment record under this account, but no one is matched. We do not receive this money, please confirm with your bank, thanks!” After this email, DHgate no longer replied or showed any interest in providing any explanations or documentations confirming their claim and countering the documents that proof the money was received into their account.

DHgate is perhaps not considered a scam, but is evidently an unethical business seeking additional profits from unprincipled revenues other than clear sales, and it thinks that customers outside China cannot reach them through legal actions to obtain their rights or get back their lost money.

But they are wrong, because I am in the process of presenting DHgate actions for international legal consideration, holding it responsible for its actions, and introducing its arrogance to the international communities. Anyone who feels was violated, scammed, or mistreated by DHgate, please feel free to contact me and join me the drive against DHgate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $85.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hi ! Just wanted to join you against DHGate.

This i a disgusting company, a bunch of Chinese crooks.

My story is very simple, in May 2015 I ordered a pair of shoes, asked for size 7, received size 9, order # 15742165211. I have sent it back the very next day, The USPS has used the same tracking number LN898498068CN. For six weeks they had been telling me that I had not returned the shoes back, so they cannot send me any refund. When I had proofed that their arrogant and rude seller Yiwuglobal has received shoes back on July 1, 2015 (proof email from China Postal Service) that bunch of thieves has decided not to contact me any more.

On my side I have contacted Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Commissioner Adam.

H. Putnam, to let them know my case.