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I purchased 2 sets of 10 memory cards from two sellers that supposedly had great reviews on the DH Gate site, one set was 64 GB the other was 128 GB- the drives were fakes- really only 8GB drives with some type of *** to make them appear as larger drives to the computer. Didn't find this out immediately, shipped my inventory off to Amazon so I could begin selling it.

Right after it made it to the Amazon warehouse, I found out that it was all fake garbage- too late to file a payment dispute for one, filed it for the other and it was denied. This site is ridiculous- full of garbage and fakes, with scammers all over it.

STAY FAR AWAY. The site doesn't actually care about resolving your issues, they bank on folks not filing lawsuits- the ITA should put them out of business.

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I've purchased a Micro Sd 64gb;

I got a USB stick 64 Gb;

the memory stick was FAKE with 2Gb;

I send the item back agreed for reimbursement;

never received money; Dhgate protected the cheater instead of me in the dispute


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