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First off, I want to reiterate from my previous review that DHgate is a good site where you can get quality replicas. But you must be careful.

I'm a very understanding person and I've still given sellers 5 stars even tho I found minor mistakes. That's because if I'm saving 60-70% off retail value I expect it may not be perfect. With that being said I'd like to share my shopping experience with posy518. I ordered Nike more uptempo in red and white which should look like this: I received the sneakers looking like this. Minor mistakes are understandable but the letters are off half an inch in some places. This is the trademark/main look of the shoes which is the letters bleeding into the midsole.Look at the R. Half an inch off is a lot. Too much.

Why would you send the sneaker to me if the lettering is off by so much. I've read the return policy and the policy states that if the item isn't as delivered I can keep it with a partial discount or ship it back for a full refund. In this case the seller is banking on that I won't pay to ship it back and just keep it so they sent it anyway knowing fully well the quality is off. Look at the R.

I received the sneaker and messaged the seller within an hour. After messaging him I didn't hear anything for about 7 hours I messaged him again and about 10 hrs after my initial message he said he would check and reply later. He didn't answer me the whole day almost 23 hours after that and after I messaged him several times. He offered discount for next order.

Horrible customer service. Why not replace my shoe? You want me to buy something else from you given the fact you sent me one shoe knowing it was off and you haven't been responding to my messages which is another sign of bad customer service. Not only that he said some discounting, didn't offer an amount.

I messaged him back after he offered "some discount" today saying I wanted a refund or replacement shoes and guess what again no answer. 76.97 for a shoe and the seller won't even answer messages. Mind you I could have payed $15 less from another seller but I saw a YouTube review someone said this guy was good so I took the chance. It really saddens me and it hurts.

He isn't communicating and hasn't offered a decent compensation. I had another seller send me sneakers with TWO creases in the same shoe we settled on $11 refund. I had friends tell me I could have gotten way more off but I was trying to be fair and I accepted $11. I liked the shoe plus I saw on youtube how to take the crease out, so I left it alone.

I can't fix these and its VERY noticable. No way they didn't see that before they shipped it. I'm very disappointed. I'll close this with all sellers aren't bad.

But please if you are reading this be careful. I never thought of making a YouTube channel but I am definitely going to make a YouTube review to help steer ppl to the good sellers. Ask the seller to send a picture of what you bought before it's shipped. $76.97 and he still sent it out like that.

If he had sent me a better pair it would have saved us both the hassle. But he knowingly sent it out because most likely I would have to fit the bill if I don't like it. Really hurts. Please stay away from posy518 and double check sellers and reviews.

Be very very cautious.

I've had items in my cart for a couple days now from other sellers but I don't know if I will buy again. I really have to see how this turns out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sneakers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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