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I had cancelled my order after I received calls from the manufacturer in China. My conversations with them made me uncomfortable buying my wedding dress from them.

I verbalized and communicated via email through dhgate that i wished to cancel my order. The first dress arrived 3 weeks later and after frustration trying to return it and the dress fit well I decided to keep it. I had clearly canceled the second dress. I then received a notice that they refused to cancel the order as they had already bought the material and started on the dress.

This was not a custom dress and 4 weeks later. They also suggested I sell it here in the states and make money. The dress still arrived. I then again tried to return the dress and explained that this dress did not fit.

Because I did not include a picture of myself in the dress which would reveal that my breast were more exposed than I am comfortable doing, I was not allowed to return the dress.

Also, during the process I would explain why I wished to return the dress but the case was closed with little communication and before we could come to an agreement as to how to show the dress did not fit. This was with mediation through dhgate.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Dear Wedding05,

I understand the need for concern, so let us do our best to help you with this. But first, can you please just provide us the Order Number (PO#)?

That way, we can pull up the order details on our end.

To get the order(PO#) number please do the following:

[1] Login to your DHgate account.

[2] Go to "My DHgate".

[3] On the left hand portion of the screen you'll see "Orders". [4] Under Orders, click on "Active Orders" [5] It will show you a page with all the orders that are still active, look for the specific item of concern and you'll find the PO# on the left side. Once we have your PO#, we will continue in helping you with this issue.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to message us back. Riane Dhgate