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Run, don't walk, away from their custom clothing division!! I have a performing group in Chicago and we ordered 5 custom-made dresses from one of DHGate's sellers (Sunvary) in late 2011. First note, their payment system was NOT set up as presented on the DHGate site as they wouldn't start my order until my payment cleared... But the dresses showed up as promised and were fantastic! So we ordered a second set of "summer" dresses in May, 2012. When they showed up, I was flabbergasted! They were as awful as the first ones were terrific! Poorly made, ill-fitting, scarves sewn on backwards, crooked zippers, crooked bra pads and a bra pad sewn into the bottom hem of one! A total wreck! I contacted our previously friendly Sunvary rep and was told to send pictures. I did. Then they dropped off the planet...a total scam!!

I received NO replies to my repeated weekly attempts to get information about my refund. Until today when I was politely told I had waited too long and the 120 day review period was closed... again, total scam!!

I went back to DHGate Customer Service directly to report them and as I went back to my Message Center inbox to re-create the timeline of SUNVARY'S neglect, MY INBOX MESSAGES HAD BEEN DELETED!!!!! There was no longer ANY PROOF of my conversations about this order - at all!!!

I lost $600 to this site and will tell everyone I can to AVOID THEM AT ANY COST!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I bought 2 bridesmaid dresses, the padding was AWFUL, it was sewn in and in the box it looked like 2 huge *** sitting up. Poorly sewn too.

Blind freddy can see its ***, she kept saying its the style...dont think so.

They said it was to my measurements and not their fault.

Now in dispute but prob no point.

Terrible service after they have your money, don't reply to message but will in chat (because they don't know its you) and then suddenly disappear saying they have a meeting haha. Lost $200


managed to get my money back + postage through dispute system!! took alot of messages and online chat but i kept on their case, followed procedure and sent lots of photos.

There was no denying the *** quality...picture tells a thousand words.


I also have dealings with Sunvary.

They are great when they want/have your

money, but the dress they sent looked

like a kindergarten art project gone

bad!! This dress was for my daughter's

senior prom/banquet. She had to buy

another and did not get her money

back from Sunvary even though they

promised they would refund it through


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