I purchased multiple licenses for a name brand security software from MYESHOP on DHGate. I received the license activation codes through the DHGate system messaging service after I made the payment for the purchase.

When I went to install the license codes they did not even match the number of fields or characters required by the software.

I contacted the seller MYESHOP using the DHGate chat feature in accordance with their dispute policy. When I asked for valid licenses or a refund MYESHOP tried to pretend that they had just bought the store and did not know anything about the transaction. When I persisted they dropped the chat session.

I contacted DHGate directly and explained the situation. They told me that too much time had elapsed since the purchase and that I needed to contact the seller directly which I had already done. Then they asked me to complete a satisfaction survey.

I have since reviewed countless complaints by people who were ripped off by DHGate vendors. Obviously there is little recourse if you run into any kind of a problem.

Don't waste your money or time with DHGate. Any transaction you make there is like gambling in a rigged casino. If you get really lucky you might "win" and get what you ordered, but most of the time you will just loose your money.

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