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I order chairs sashes on 6/16/2014 for my September 7th wedding, with an expectant date of arrival within 7-14 business days. As of 7/20/2014 still have not received my items, but the funds were withdrawn from my account of 6/16/2014.

Never received a tracking number and when i tried to log into DHGate I was told that my account doesn't exist. Emailed customer service to find out why they couldn't find my account and was told to email them the first 6 and last 4 numbers of the card that i used and they would be able to find my account that way.

After 2 emails and the requested information sent they completely stop responding to my emails. Had to end up disputing the charges with my bank, and that can take anywhere from 7-14 business day to up to 60 days...THANKS DHGATE FOR ADDING MORE STRESS TO THE WEEKS LEADING UP TO MY WEDDING!!!!...My question is HOW CAN AMERICA CONTINUE TO DO E-COMMERCE TRADE WITH A COMPANY AS DISREPUTABLE AND DISHONEST AS THIS ONE?!?!?!???

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Account.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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What supplier did you order from ? Anyone familiar with belladress or honeywedding on dhgate ?


"There is a seller on DHGate called honeywedding. DO NOT purchase from this seller.

I ordered a wedding dress from this seller. I got it, I loved it. I ordered it early as a precaution. Thank God I did.

I went to pull the dress out of the closet and it had yellow stains all over it. On the appliques, on the back. The dress was defective. Most likely a cheap fabric was used that discolored.

I took great care of this dress. It was stored in a garment protective bag. It was in a clean and dry closet that is not subject to temperature fluctuations. The dress is ruined.

My wedding is in June and I had to buy a new dress. I contacted the seller and they told me that the stains were probably my fault and that I probably didn't take care of it. I then contacted DHGate. This site is completely geared toward SELLER PROTECTION not BUYER PROTECTION like that would try to have you believe.

They told me that they couldn't do anything. That my order was closed and that the money had been released to the seller. All that I could do was come to an agreement with the seller, (which obviously isn't going to happen). I sent them the screenshot of what the seller said to me.

They said that because we hadn't reached an agreement, they couldn't open a case. What is the point of opening a case if you have an agreement with the seller?! You need a case when you can't reach an agreement. I told them that if I couldn't get my money back, could I at least alter my review.

They told me no. They said that only the seller could allow me to alter my review. How is ANY of this protecting the buyer? So, now I'm out the money for 2 wedding dresses.

The one that they sent me that is cheap and defective and the new one that I had to purchase from a real and reputable business to replace it. DO NOT order form here. No one will help you. You will lose your money, you will receive a *** product, and you will be told that there is nothing you can do.

This is a complete and total scam. Period."


I am agree with your finding. They are sitting there to steal money of customer.

I did mistake of choosing dhgate for product. They have written that I can cancel the order before it is shipped. I cancelled it on the day when It was not shipped. I got decline email for my cancellation request after one day that the order has been processed.

This was totally wrong as per their system too. I got another email after the decline email on second day that the product is shipped. I talked wot seller and he is telling he did it because his boss told it. Please see small portion from seller message board.

You can identify clearly even dhgate chat persons are not doing which they said on the chat. eg: canceling the order, escalating it, updating me. It looks both dhgate person and sellers are same and playing cunningly to fool the customer. US Govt should ban this site to do business in US.

Its major headache and time consuming to follow these people after placing the order on dhgate. Few more goofy things of the site: 1. I can not see my original cancellation request on dhgae website, so you dont have proof for it. Luckly, I have back up of chat sessions.

2. There is link for tracking number for product which never work. It must be just number to show, in realty seller would be doing wrong practice, which only dhgate know.


Customer name : ***** 2014-08-27 11:15

1. I contacted dhgate chat on 21st Aug to cancel this order.

The product was not shipped that time. The chat person told me that she would make sure it is cancelled bcoz it is still not shipped. I also initiated cancellation request on 21st Aug.

2. I got email on 22nd Aug that the request is declined because it is shipped.

Next email same day I got that item is shipped. Its clear fraud from you. First of all this item was not shipped when I placed the request, secondly you are lying that it is already shipped.

3. I contacted back to chat person on 23rd Aug.

She told that she would escalate this. but she did not. She told me that I would get update in 2 days. I don't have any update after 4 days.

I don't want this product.Please refund my money. By the time it would reach, the person(my parent) who need it would not be here. Thanks top777 2014-08-27 11:41 after we received your payment. we take them from the factory.

we don't keep the items in stock. we had prepared your order and ship it before the processtime , on dhgate, the processing time show : 2014-08-23 08:50 , you can ask the dhgate's customers' service about the processing time. we ship it on 2014-8-22. if you don't want it ,after you receive it , you can return to me.

My name: ***** 2014-08-27 11:50 I placed the cancellation request on 21st Aug. You are shipping it on 22nd Aug. Then why are you declining that it is already processed. Customer can place request if it is not shipped.

How can I return from US to China? One side you stole my money in the order by declining it and second you expect me to put more money in return shipping. You are not doing business properly, its disgusting way to rip off your customers. seller name : top777 2014-08-27 12:07 we have not the items in stock , so after customers place the order ,I need order them from the factory ,if the customers don't want it ,that means I will lost money , because I can't return it to the factory.

I ship it before the processing time. It is not my wrong.

because just you don't want it after pay it, we will lost money. -------------------------


Hi iv just had the same happen to me. I made an order two days ago they have took funds from my account but now i can log into my account it say its unknown email or password! Disgusted by this company!

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