Racine, Wisconsin
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I purchased a dress for $130 from one of the vendors on DH gate. It arrived after a few weeks, and the dress was not made properly.

The beading on the front was totally off-center. I submitted a request for refund through the site, as instructed and was 'denied' by the seller. I modified my request and said that I would even pay for shipping to send it back, I just want the purchase price refunded - rejected again. So,I then escalated the complaint to DH Gate.

After uploading photo evidence and thoroughly explaining why I want my money back, their 'suggested resolution' is for me to keep the dress, and receive a refund of $20. I did not agree to it, said that I do not want the dress, I want my $ back, well, they marked the case as 'refunded' and my case is now 'closed'.

SCAM. Do not give these people your money!!!!!

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I agree with your comment 100%. I purchased a dress and it looked NOTHING like the picture posted.

The dress was FAKE and very poorly made. We wore it once because we had no choice and it is now literally falling apart!!!!

I will NEVER waste my $ on DHGATE again. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!


same thing happened to me. $225.00 down the drain.


I can totally relate to this post. I bought a dress for a wedding ($90) and not only was the dress inches bigger then my measurements but the color was wrong.

I did get DHgate to get involved since the buyer told me I could either keep the dress and take a $20 refund or send them $50 more to remake the dress. They also kept insisting I gift this horrendously made dress to my sister (WTF?) DHgate customer support asked for pictures, I sent pictures of me with a measuring tape (confirming I ordered the correct sizing), pictures of the dress FALLING off of me, pictures of the dress being measured, and a screen shot of the offering page to show what color I ordered vs what I received In the end DHgate tells me to take a %50 refund, or send the dress back at my own cost and with warnings that this is not recommended due to the high likelihood that the dress would either get stuck in customs or get damaged or dirty in which case I don't get my refund.

So basically they had no intention of returning more then half my money. Never again.


i bought a dress and like everyone else they waited till the 45 days were up through paypal and are giving me the blues about refunding me my money. how on earth does the us allow these foreing companies to totally screw their citzens and get away with it.

@pretty ***y prom

Your country allows you to exercise your independence and purchase your desires from the WORLD WIDE WEB if you so choose to do so. You actually made the decision to buy the cheap knock-off item from the other side of the world. You apparently dont understand the roll of government as it relates to international commerce.