Zhongshan, Guangdong
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Absolutely sick with these people....4 weeks ago we ordered toys and electronics for our kids for Christmas. Totaling $275. We were PROMISED a delivery date of December 20, 2014. Seller never sent us any updates or anything, and we discovered our tracking number was FAKE! We couldn't believe it ,and we have neglected to read reviews for this company until now. Had we read these reviews we would never have ordered from them! After sending the seller 6 (six) messages with no response, we contacted dhgate immediately. Dhgate responded quickly (surprisingly) and told us they were on it, do not worry.

Today we contacted dhgate again but now they are saying they are having DIFFICULTY LOCATING OUR ORDER! They then connected me with a drc.kristy, "site admin". Drc.kristy proceeded to BLAME ME and say maybe it's a problem with your bank or your card had insufficient funds..... What is this? Is this some sort of scam, or what? If this is a scam these people need to be held accountable! Just because they are overseas and have little minions all over the place doesn't mean they can't be punished. This is evil. It really is.

Now that site admin says she will call me very soon (I had to provide my phone number) and she will "mediate" my situation....we just want our order to arrive with goods as they were advertised. I don't want to sit and talk with a crook and answer her questions....

I am very upset. This company needs to be held accountable and I should have recieved my items on the date I was promised because I made it VERY CLEAR we had a Christmas deadline.

Dhgate, I know you look at these reviews. I know you are already aware of me. So do something! If you cannot give me our goods, then refund me immediately so I can quickly do some last minute shopping....that's the right thing to do. Otherwise you will be branded as the scammers you are! And I will tell EVERYONE about your deceptive policies and the way your site admin Insulted me and acted as if my order not arriving was my fault! You might also find yourselves on the news! Keep this is mind when deciding how to deal with this.

I think you all are fraudsters. The way you do your fraud is accepted in china but not here!

Please answer and do the right thing for once!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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