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I do not have a complaint,but simply wondering about the fairings I bought, they where 399 without the tank and 464 with the tank. Is it an actual gas tank or is it a cover.?

I ordered it for 01 gsxr 750. And does it come with all the bolts.?

Preferred solution: I just want to know if I will be receiving a gas tank or a gas tank cover.?.

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Hi Arielys, For product details, special features, price quotations, availability and shipping details, we recommend that you contact the seller directly. To make sure that your order is made to your specifications.

When you find the product you're interested in, you can contact the seller through "MESSAGE" tab under the seller's name at the right side of the item page. To go to the seller's store, click on the name of the seller at the upper right side of the item page under the Seller's Information Section or click on the seller's name below the item description.

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