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I have made numerous attempts to contact the seller and the messages and responses to the messages keep getting removed there is no on going log of my requests over a refund for the 2 guitars that I was charged for yet do not see being credited for not to mention I still haven't received the 1st guitar admittedly I have just recently purchased it and anticipated some waiting time however the seller when I ask a direct question such as are you actually selling this guitar made in America serial number such-and-such which represents a A 2006 or 2007 Fender American standard stratocaster. What is your Estimated delivery window and when will you address my refund.

The response was what is your order number and while I was entering it I got another message said oh I found your order I will send it right away. I'm willing to accept that there could be a language barrier but when I attempt to contact DH gate for resolution as they are the people who had placed the charge on my bank account there is no customer service to access with a live agent and their online process will not allow you entrance to be able do then send a message to Dh gate And it does so by telling me that the E mail account to a identify my Original transaction is Not a valid email does not allowing me communication this feels contrived there's too much stuff going on wrong here I have had my bank contact the age gate with a request to adjust what we called a miscalculation in their invoicing so as not to hurt their feelings or put them on the defensive just to simply get my money back At this point I'm just waiting and wondering If this will be resolved.

User's recommendation: I would recommend doing business with these people if you have money that you would like to give away expecting nothing in return so far that's all I've received.

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

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Hi, Please contact us through our customer service so that we can ask you to provide us the copy of your bank statement and other personal information to check this further and to give you a proper resolution.

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