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They are just liars. Plain and simple. If you want your money stolen from you, and given to a bunch of fraud people, This is the place to go to have that done.

Ordered, on September 12, 2014 5 items. All electronics items. I was given a fake order number, which I did not find out until about 2 weeks later. Calling Dhgate was an extremely ineffective way of contact, and just wasted my Skype dollars. They would put me on hold, and then just hang up. The people who answered the phone also had no grasp of the english language whatsoever...

In addition, sending emails was also useless because they never responded appropriately. It was always some automated reply.

It wasn't until I contacted them on Facebook did I get some replies. Finally after probably 2 days of fuss on Facebook, they connected me to a guy named Michael Douthat, and I contacted him by email. He is one of their Site Administration Managers. I contacted him on

I went over and over with this dude about my problems, and the fact my order number was just fake. After a while I started questioning if this dude was really born in America, and if he wasn't raised in China. While his english was really fluent and everything, it seemed he was told to act a certain way or something... because he was asking me the same questions... and making up the same excuses... just in different ways.

Finally after we exchanged exactly 9 emails, He stopped replying to me. 4 days later I got an email from a guy named Wilson KeCao, and he told me he was working on their mobile website. He asked if I would like to speak to the resolution centre... at that point, I realised these people are nothing but scammers.

The truth is, and I dont care how much this hurts anyone, The truth is.... DHgate just gives you a run-around if youre actually lucky enough to speak to someone in management. Then they eventually just dismiss you.

Thats the truth as plain as it can get.

As of October 12, 2014 I have not received anything from Dhgate and my problem was never properly addressed or investigated. I feel like I am talking to a bunch of idiots and 2/3 year olds when I contact them.

I am seriously just ready to give up my $568 and just move on. Theres absolutely nothing I can do and even my fellow American, Michael Douthat, who works for their company was not even willing to help. Even contacting Douthat on his Facebook page was useless, as my message was never returned.

I am at my wits end. Legal action won't do anything. Contacting the company won't do anything.

What am I left to do but move on?

I want to warn everyone about these scammers though, and let everyone know never use this website to purchase anything. You are more better off throwing your money out the window into the street when youre driving than use this website!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $568.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Dhgate has all the tell tale signs of being a huge elaborate scam


That Michael dude isn't going to help you. thats his company.

what makes you think he will help you? I went through the same *** in 2013. Dhgate staff are highly trained in making you *** off and leave them alone.

You just get so frustrated you HAVE to leave it alone, then you dont go back because you know you will just get frustrated again.

Thats how they are able to keep your money. These people are terrible. I dealt with them in 2013 for a period of 3 months where in the end, the seller kept my money and Dhgate did squat to help me

These ppl will just *** you around until you get so frustrated you won't come back. What you say is the complete truth and nothing but.

Thats the way it always has been and always will be

My total loss was $80 Nothing close to $568 but it still stings and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I am in NC by the way not far from SC


Hard to believe that a company of this size continues to trade, and to rip people off. I am so angry at being lied to, having my money used for two months, having no product to onsell to MY customer and not being able to communicate with anyone who can fix the problems.

Which makes me think they are all in on it (especially their customer service team who just serve up a whole lot of utter nonsense).

I mean, surely we all know that a false tracking number means the seller is a dishonest LIAR who has a nice little scam set up to use your money for a couple of months! DHGATE - THIS MUST STOP!!


also spoke to michael douthat, sent him 7 messages on fb, all of which he did not reply to.... that dude is a traitor to america.

he is a frekin liar too .... i have actually been thru 2 site admins, that michael dude, and another girl from beijing... but she couldnt speak english very good nd i got frustrated .... i think dhgate is intentionally frustrating.

i hate these chinese thieves.... somebody somewhere needs to find out how we can take them to court and get their *** locked up... seriously enough is enough. the only place i read good reviews for them is on reseller ratings, which they have a link to on their fb page....

hmmm... awful suspect..


I am having the same issue right now

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