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Their online customer service chat line is operated by software Bots, and not a live person. I've placed several orders through DHgate, which went without a hitch.

But, after placing the CNC machine order, I was caught totally off guard by seller / merchant aka: "Xing Jia," "Yawen1141" shaking me down for shipping fees when shipping was advertised "free." That's when I discovered that DHgate's Customer Service is nothing more than "window dressing" or a mirage. Totally ineffective.

Original review posted by user Mar 31, 2016

If you have a problem with a seller. Such as a "bait-n-switch" scam where the seller lists a product and purports that shipping is free.

You pay your money. Then seller ask for your personal email to update you on an "important" matter. The seller notifys you stating that he is "experiencing problems with Customs." Suggests to you that it would be a lot faster to ship via DHL, but you will need to pay XYZ amount of dollars through Western Union's (WU Pay) to seller's pay account. What do you do, or how do you handle this situation?'s customer service. Nope. It's one big SHAM! They have a virtual customer service chat line which utilizes "Bots," an algorithm software to make you think that you are chatting with a real person.

Secondly, their so-called telephone contact number is nothing more than an outgoing recorded message. I have received several successful placed orders that went smoothly. However, it just takes on slick seller / merchant to screw it up for you and say you are done with; especially with you put out several hundreds of dollars on a piece of merchandise that you never received or you ended up paying more than what the seller advertised, such as the ole "bait-n-switch" scam. Don't count on to make you whole, in the event that something goes wrong.

In this case, the seller's user name is yawen1141 and their company email is So.., Buyer Beware.

Because renders no assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Dhgate Cons: No live customer service only bots, Fraudulent business practices, Unable to reach a live person.

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  • Bait-n-switch Sellers
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I have troubles with this seller on DHgate. He sold me an cnc machine, you can see it on the picture.

He did want to pay with western union so i trusted him.

After paying $400 for the usb version of this machine he start to asked more and more money for the machine. I must pay for extra shipping, fees, tax, repacking DHL.

Finally he asked money for his agent in the UK. Also shipping UK to the Netherland 2x DHL bill.

I refused this last bill and now he don’t give me the machine. I payed already $800 for a $400 cnc machine.

This men asked me ridicules prices after i buyer the machine.

I want a part back of my money, at least $600, the seller may keep $200 for costs he did make but i believe he never had extra costs.

His seller names are on DHgate: Yufekls Yuflkds Yufoels Yuhfolse yufhkdnv yufanedd His Western Union names are: First name: Xing Last name: Jia First name: Xiu ting Last name: Li This is the last email with him! I payed to you for a $400 or €359,79 cnc machine. After that you asked me more and more money for extra costs, fees, Baf and dhl. 1.

WU transaction €359,79 2. WU transaction €128,14 3. WU transaction €116,41 4. WU transaction €106,84 --------------------------- Total €711,18 that's $805,59 Then you asked me to pay again $187 for fee UK for agent.

Then I must pay 2x bill to DHL shipping UK to Netherlands And now you want extra fee for resending, hahaha! Don't forget shipping was free from China on DHgate! - I don't believe you have a boss, you're the boss. - I don't believe you send a cnc machine to uk, the machine was just fake and never exist.

Show me the proof of tracking number China to UK and which company send it to UK. - I don't believe you have a uk warehouse. - The picture from the machine could be any picture. Show me the picture with machine in front of the U.K.

warehouse with the streetname and city so I can check it. Not just a fake hotmail email address. - Let me see the shipping bill China to UK, you don't have it I think - Then your store on DHgate, I was a fool to buy from you. You're selling products and let customers pay directly with WU, that's illegal DHgate rules.

All your cnc machines are very low in price compared to other sellers, that's was already suspicious. I was a fool to not see that. First you let the customer buy a cnc from UK and then you come with lots of tricks to get more money. You priced them very low and deliver from UK to get a lot of customers to buy with you.

Then you have the trick to tell that the machine is not available in the UK. So the customer must extra pay for delivery, tax and fee. The customer already payed a lot so customer must pay again and again. At the end the customer don't get a cnc but you have the money.

This I called stealing!!! I know you have no balls to give me some money back because this was all in your plan, you are just a criminal. I hope you will sue me in the Netherlands or China, let the judge decide who is a thief and a criminal. So please sue me?

Don't forget, you have already $800 and I still no have machine. Also don't forget you have to proof that you send machine to UK. You must proof that you payed taxes and fee for my machine.some fake articles in a store, after selling the fake articles you go to another fake store. This email go's also to DHgate.

I know maybe DHgate can’t do nothing because I don't have a ordernumber. You're very smart to do business on DHgate without order number from DHgate. Conclusion: - I was a fool, payed a lot and believed you and still no machine. - You are a very smart business man but also a criminal and a liar.

- My lesson, never trust a Chinese business man who wants you to pay with Western Union! Your soul is very sick to handle like this, I hope you can sleep tonight?

I'm not because I lost $800 thanks to you! Greetings,


My issue was partially resolved with after getting PayPal involved in the fray. They would not reimburse me for a direct wire to pay seller a purportedly (DHL) shipping cost, because, that transaction was done outside of's protocol.

However, I intend to pursue this through a Department of Justice complaint. After going through this experience, I would not recommend shopping on until publically accepts responsibility for their poor management and service practices.


I purchased 2 cnc router from him and he told me to pay by western union to have his promotion, 410usd for a 6040 cnc shipped with dhl. After he asked 146usd for taxes and clearance, after 310usd for an other machine that will cover a 197usd of shipping witch was supposed to be included, then 143usd for taxes and clearance for the second machine, then 193usd for the final delevery that i did not pay because he told me after the 310usd that he will afford any other fees and it was 100% final.

So bottom line I sent 1008$ and he told me he will take back the machines to china before it got home and no refund. I made some researchs before paying, GOD if I would have seen this post i would not have lost my money, is there any way to get it back?


File a U.S. Dept.

of Justice complaint against DHgate bears this responsibility for allowing this *** to sell .


Hi V Elder (got2bkeepnitreal)!

We checked your order here and we can see that you have already opened a dispute for your order and at the moment, there are no agreements reached yet.

When you open a dispute, the seller is notified of it and will be given time to sort things out. However, if the dispute reaches 5 days and there is still no agreement reached then please request for DHgate mediation.

That way, our Resolutions Center can step in and help you in resolving the issue.

Here are the steps in requesting mediation:

1) Click on "My DHgate" link found on the upper right part of the homepage.

2) Click "Active Orders" in the left of the page. 3) Find the order number in Refund&Dispute 4) Click the link "View Return & Refund" under the Tab 5) Click "Request DHgate Mediation" Riane Dhgate


The PO is 236027727


Hi IceManVan!

We fully understand the concern you are raising to us. We will be here to offer you the assistance you need to sort this out.

Please do provide us your order number (PO#) for your transaction so that we can have it check here on our end and be able to offer you the most efficient resolution.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and have a wonderful day!



Dhgate Customer Service


The exact same thing happend to me I asked for a refund and the seller canceled it. Now it shows it has been shipped but at details they still ask for funds before they ship my cnc machine please look into it my order number PO#:236190310

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