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1. Ordered a clarinet from on the dhgate website. Total cost was suppose to be $138.64 and I was billed that amount.

2. Clarinet arrived at my local post office COD $28.64 which I had to pay to the post office to get my package!!!! This was not part of the agreed on order.

3. The clarinet did not work. I took it to my local repair shop and they told me it was a counterfeit! It would require extensive repairs to get it to work and they could not guarantee the work because it was a counterfeit. SO more money I would of had to pay out to get a working clarinet that I ordered and was suppose to be $138.64 total and I'm already out $167.28 at this point and not happy.

4. Filed a return with Dhgate asking for my full refund of $167.28. They wanted me to return the clarinet and pay shipping!!! Finally agreed to refund the $138.64 I paid through Dhgate but I'm still out the $28.64.

5. Had DHgate refunded the $28.64 shipping to me I would of been satisfied with DHgate and probably ordered other stuff off the website again knowing that if an issued arrived I would not be out any money. However I'm out $28.64 shipping just because sent it COD and it was paid to my local post office not through DHGate. I feel cheated and ripped off!!!

6.However no matter what I would not order from ever again. They lied 1st that the total was $138.64 including shipping and then sent it COD requiring me to pay an additional $28.64. I had not agreed on. Plus it was a counterfeit non working clarinet!! Completely useless to me (for my daughter).

Product or Service Mentioned: Buffet Crampon Clarinet.

Reason of review: Full amount paid out on this clarinet was not refunded, counterfeit item received, deceived with free shipping but was sent to me COD shipping,.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Dhgate Cons: Product did not work, Corrupt company.

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As I originally stated and stand by my original review BUYER PLEASE BE AWARE!!!

- Order an item with free shipping but still receive a customs COD to pick up the package from your post office. Please be aware that if this product is defective, wrong or whatever seller fault they will refund you only what is paid to DHGate.

You will not be refunded the COD charges paid for customs. You will be out this amount.

- Order from or and when it says free shipping or includes a shipping amount I've never ever been charged customs COD to receive my item from the postal service. Even when it comes from overseas. You are better off purchasing from those websites so if there is a problem you will not be out any cost to you!!!

- Also be aware that you may not receive the item exactly as they list it.

They do sell counterfeits which in some cases maybe ok if properly stated and the items works. This was not the case with my order!!

Whenever I've purchased from or and it is from overseas they have never lied about the item they are sending. For example I've ordered USB cords for my phones and while they will state they work with an Apple or Kindle, Samsung, etc they never state they are that brand.

They do not post it as an Apple USB but as their own. Whereas DHgate vendor at least with my one experience with they posted it as a true brand new Buffet Crompton Student Clarinet but I received a counterfeit Buffet Student Clarinet and was verified as counterfeit by my local professional music store!! Not only that but it didn't play any tunes correctly!!! Plus the ligature had mold on it.

Just be aware this happens on this website!

- While yes I did get a refund for the amount paid to DHGate because I did receive a counterfeit non working clarinet (which they still have listed as the real thing and still selling it as such) I did not get a refund for the customs $28.65 I paid to my local post office in order to receive the package. - In short I was deceived on total shipping costs, sent a non working counterfeit clarinet and I'm out $28.65!! THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO as they do not claim to refund the customs charges.

How to prevent - My suggestion do not order off this website but if you must then do not accept the COD charges - Send it back and don't accept it until it really does come to you free that way if there is a problem they will refund all your money and you won't be out anything. - Personally I'm done with them as I'm still out $28.65 and to me that's just bad business and I don't do business with companies who do not 100% stand by their vendors even if it means returning customs expenses to a customer, it's a part of business expense.

They can file a claim against their shipper for this amount. I as a customer should not have to!!!


Hi debbiemlsm!

We understand why you left a bad review for this order. Let us clarify some things for you.

We have checked here and according to our records, a refund of $138.64 was sent back to the same Mastercard account you used to pay for this order on 2016-02-28 and not $28.65.For the shipping cost that you paid, please verify with your post office about this since the shipping cost were all paid by your seller when the parcel was shipped as the package cannot be delivered by the courier if the seller did not pay for the shipping cost in the originating country. There is no option for COD shipping since couriers need the payment from the sender in order for them to transmit the goods. You must have paid the customs fee which are charged by the Customs Office in your country since you have ordered internationally. We do not have any control of the customs policies in your country since we also need to follow it.

If you really only received $28.65 as a refund for this order, you can contact our Customer Service and send the statement from your bank indicating this refund amount so that we can have this checked by our Payment Team.

We can also send you the proof for refund showing the amount that was returned to your account.Your dispute was mediated successfully since a full refund was processed on this order and not a partial refund.

We appreciate your trust in, and we will do our best to give you the utmost service you deserve. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following link: or send an email to .




Hi Debbiemlsm,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We will help you on that.

Please provide us with your order number so that we can check the order details and assist you further.

We appreciate your trust in, and we will do our best to give you the utmost service you deserve. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following link: or send an email to .



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