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I wish to chronicle my experience with seller RACEAUTO Through DHGATE and voice my extreme displeasure with the seller's less than forthright business practices.

1. I ordered on 8/8. RACEAUTO booked the shipment, and sent me a shipment notification on 8/9.

2. SUBSEQUENTLY they noticed that I had not notified had not indicated what card I wanted with the scanner. So they cancelled the shipment but neglected to inform me of the same. At this point I was operating under the assumption that the seller had shipped the product. What really bothers me is that they booked the shipment when the product was not prepared for shipment.

3. On 8/12 I contacted them about the bogus tracking number. On 8/13, they informed me of the cancellation and assured me that the package had subsequently been shipped (which was not at all the case, it had not even been booked at DHL yet) and promised I would soon receive updated tracking information.

4. On 8/17, still not having received the tracking data, I contacted them once again, voicing my obvious displeasure. They responded with the new tracking number. DHL showed that for that shipment, they had just received the shipping data but showed no scans of the package as of yet.

5. I questioned them about the new shipment and they informed that it was sent two days prior (8/15). Somehow I was supposed to believe that even though DHL showed that the package was not booked until 8/17, they had actually sent it out two days earlier.

I had gone against my better judgment by placing an overseas order. I was very concerned about the shipping. Perhaps in the future I should trust my instincts and stick with trusted domestic companies. The money I saved truly was not worth all of this aggravation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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