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I have been asking for DHGate's help on resolving this issue since purchase of a machine from seller goshoppingnow for over $1400 going on for over 8 months now.

We contacted DHGate via phone as no one in our clinic could ever get the machine to work, DHGate told us that they already released our money to the seller but said that they would monitor our messages and urge the seller to resolve the issue. The seller took forever to get back to us on simple instructions. Then when they did send us instructions the machine still would not work.

The seller continued to ask us to send videos of us trying to get the machine to turn on because there was NO SUCTION which is necessary to use the machine.and perform the treatment correctly. The guarantee and warranty on this machine clearly stated on the listing that the machine was guaranteed to be free of defects and had a 1 year full warranty.

The seller GoShoppingNow should have replaced the machine or according to the DHGate guarantee they should have given us a full refund. Instead, DHGate allowed the seller GoShoppingNow to drag their feet and never fixed the situation.

Instead of replacing the machine, the seller GoShoppingNow mailed us parts that they said they could see were missing on the machine after watching the numerous video's they requested we send. We had to pay an electrician to replace the parts that were sent to us. No where in the seller GoShoppingNow warranty does it state that the customer has to replace parts at their expense. The machine should have been replaced right away, instead parts continued to be sent and replaced at the customers expense for a brand new machine that has NEVER worked. That is not a warranty. Then after all that the machine still could not be fixed with the sellers replacement parts, and STILL DOES NOT WORK. All the while and hundreds of messages back and forth with both the seller GoShoppingNow and DHGate. The seller asked us to pay shipping fees to ship back the faulty machine. That would now almost bring my out of pocket costs to the price I originally paid for the machine. Under the DHGate guarantee this is not allowed. I can't believe DHGate or seller GOSHoppingNow believes that it is OK to do business this way and send a non-working machine after receiving full payment of over $1400 and then drags it feet when the machine NEVER works and then continues to send parts that are missing or not working to be replaced at the cost of the buyer that is fraudulent.

Then DHGate said that they would escalate my case and urge the seller to replace the machine. The seller GoShoppingNow sent us this: "we make a concession, you do not need ship back the machine , you just pay 358usd and we will pay some of it , then we can ship the new machine to you!" So then we agreed to pay this to the seller so we can get the a new machine. But when we try to pay the seller GoShoppingNow changes it's mind. Refuses to replace the machine, and instead now says will only give us a 40% discount. (By the way, the seller GoShoppingNow removed the 1 year warranty from my original listing. That is FRAUD, if you look at every other listing they have the 1 year warranty there.)

I contacted DHGate and again they said they would escalate my case. However, each and everytime I contact they give me a new customer service representative who asks me to explain everything to them and gives me the same response. I have asked for DHGATE to help for over 8 months now. To date NOTHING IS BEING DONE.


The way GOSHOPPINGNOW AND the DHGATE company has handled this whole situation does not warrant any trust to do business with either of them!


Product or Service Mentioned: Fat Freezing Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Merchant delivered a defective product. Merchant had a 1 year warranty which they have since removed because of my issues. Merchant said that they would replace defective product by me paying an additional $358 US. Now they refuse. FIX THIS.

Dhgate Cons: Blatant misrepresentations, Communication with seller and customer service.

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DHgate is a lemon. Aliexpress has better business ethics if not the best.


Hi J!

We are sorry to hear about your experience on your purchase, but we also want this to be resolved for you. Please do provide us your order number (PO#) for your transaction so that we can have it checked here on our end and we can be able to offer you the most efficient resolution.

At the same time, if the order was from last year, your order is already closed now. This is already beyond our After-Sale Policy. We suggest that you send a message to the seller and negotiate on a resolution. If they agree on a refund, please ask him to leave a message for you saying 'I agree to refund you *** and then you can contact us again and we will arrange the refund for you. If they don’t agree to refund you we cannot operate for you too.

We also highly encourage you that you send us your response directly to our Live Chat Customer Service so that you will be assisted timely and fast.

Here is the link for our Live Chat Customer Service

Riane Dhgate

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