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Ordered two items by the photos. NEVER ORDER IF THEY LIST SPECS. They use the specs listing as a defense to say that you knew what you were ordering even if it fails to match the picture at all. Sent pictures with a side by side comparison.

I asked in their chat after filing a dispute if they had ordered a sandwich as an item 4"x6"x1.5" with filling, could they tell me what they would receive with the specs provided. Oddly the conversation ended, maybe they don't like sandwiches...

So no refund for items received not as described, not the right color, not the right pattern and cannot be assembled due too incorrect parts received: because of the specs listing. Vendor later blamed the issue on the photographical lighting and that I received the correct items. Obviously if I tried to assemble parts that don't fit in a better light, that would fix it.

Some folks will get lucky, some of us wont or haven't. recommend that you keep your order value low to avoid disappointment when the next vendor says it was the lighting, just look at the listed specs. Maybe I will make a facebook, Tales from the DHgate side.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dhgate Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $936.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Dhgate Cons: Defend dishonest sellers.

  • Fraudulent Refund Practices
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Hi FavorableScorpionFish843, Please provide us your order number and login email address. That way, we can check the status of your order and we can provide the correct resolution to your concern. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following link and choose online chat: https://goo.gl/hvEzdN or send email to: customer-support@DHgate.com Regards, Riane Customer Service Center DHgate.com


Hello Riane, wonderful, thank you for your response. It does however look eerily similar to the "canned" responses received by other folks here on their issues, how odd.

Like the other customers stranded by DHgate customer service and its *cough* good will, I have already emailed your support, media section, mediation team, pretty much everyone I could find. 15 messages later, six chatrooms with Mary, Mari, Jethro and others...Anywho, the status is as described; FUBAR. As far as correct resolution, well now that's interesting proposition and I am glad that you had mentioned it. It had been your esteemed mediation team's determination that suggested that the items were correct by the posted specifications.

Aye, let me be fair, the received items are almost the right specs (almost), though definitely the wrong color, wrong style, the wrong size and cannot be assembled. The sellers site clearly shows (took a screen shot before they possibly change it) a 100% guarantee to look like the picture as posted on the web page, without any exceptions listed. It may be my fault, maybe 100% does not mean 100%? Inflation perhaps, global warming, did I need a seller that guaranteed things to look like the pictures but at a 150%.

You can help though, how about possibly getting me an email address or in touch with someone who can actually fix this.

What about Diane Lang or her vice/deputy/executive/intern/coffee getter/hair stylist/gardner/2nd grade teacher or favorite pet, really anyone that has the pull to do the right thing here. Thanks for asking Riane, Happy Holidays!

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