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What has two arms, two legs, has a name that rhymes with ‘weather’ and can’t sew?


And why is that a problem? Because apparently, if you buy a cheap wedding dress from one of the companies in China that are currently all over the internet promising designer dresses at affordable prices, you have to be able to. Otherwise, they won’t accept a torn, ill stitched, unevenly turned-up, poor quality piece of garbage back and issue a refund.

I'm so picky - unlike the 'unpicky' dress

Here was the email conversation I had last night with http://www.dhgate.com, after waiting a month for the ‘we deliver within 14 days’ dress:

Me: “I just received my dress. It is garbage. The lace is coming away from the dress, the stitching is messy, the hem is uneven, there are HOLES in it and loads of loose threads all over it. I only have eight weeks to find a replacement now. Please issue a refund.”

DHGate Seller CB39: “Hi, I have received your pictures, the dress past the QC before shipped out, so the things that you said are little problems, please help us to cut away it. Some dresses use the lace, there are many of them coming away, almost nobody asked us refund because this problem.”

Translation: “Everyone else buying the dress has the same issue with the lace coming off. But they are all cool with that. It’s just you. Get over it. Please pay to send it back to China, so we can butcher it some more, send it back too late for your wedding and really *** over.”

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I can totally relate to this post. I bought a dress for a wedding ($90) and not only was the dress inches bigger then my measurements but the color was wrong.

I did get DHgate to get involved since the buyer told me I could either keep the dress and take a $20 refund or send them $50 more to remake the dress. They also kept insisting I gift this horrendously made dress to my sister (WTF?) DHgate customer support asked for pictures, I sent pictures of me with a measuring tape (confirming I ordered the correct sizing), pictures of the dress FALLING off of me, pictures of the dress being measured, and a screen shot of the offering page to show what color I ordered vs what I received In the end DHgate tells me to take a %50 refund, or send the dress back at my own cost and with warnings that this is not recommended due to the high likelihood that the dress would either get stuck in customs or get damaged or dirty in which case I don't get my refund.

So basically they had no intention of returning more then half my money. Never again.