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I purchased (2) pairs of sneakers:

**319782****/Red: $159.00

**319782****/Yellow $75.00

Now, I am beyond being "patient" l have reached the "pissed catagory". With no disrespect.

Because l have never had this "problem" with Dhgate before. I like their "quality" understandable" all facing (COV/19). But out of "professional" make contact with the individuals and provide an explanation. Ignoring customers appears to be a bit of arrogance.

I just wanted my merchandise; l am a single "African-American" woman who work (2) jobs.

Who put her only child through "graduate" school; now a highly professional black man. I just want what I purchased "period".

User's recommendation: Provide updates and the status of your merchandise.

Location: Anaheim, California

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Hi, We checked this order 3197823656, we consider the tracking number is invalid. Please open a dispute for invalid tracking number.

How to open a dispute on a computer/PC – StatusLog in to your DHgate account 1.Click “My Dhgate” link found at the upper right side of the home page 2.Click “My Orders” 3.Find the order under “Awaiting Confirm” tab 4.Once you found the order, click “Open a Dispute” link. 5.Please fill out the information needed before you click continue then “Submit”.

And for 3197823654, we found that the status is already closed and beyond the timeframe to open a dispute. For this case, please contact the seller and reach an agreement.

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